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Only in Poznań

Throughout the year there are a few events that are absolutely worth traveling to Poznań for, they are typical for the city and at the same time quite unique.

1. Half Price Poznań

Poznań za pół ceny

When? April-May
How long? One weekend
Where? Throughout the whole city and suburbs


Half price Poznań is an amazing campaign that aims at attracting tourists to Poznań by cutting prices in half. Each year a different weekend in April or May in chosen when prices of hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and other tourist attractions start melting. Over the years this event has become so highly popular that now practically the whole city participates, so be advised to plan your trip well in advance.


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2. Jarmark Świętojański (St. John’s fair)

Jarmark Świętojański

When? June
How long? Two weeks
Where? The old town


The history and tradition of St.John’s fair goes back to the XVI century when merchants came to Poznań for St. John’s day to trade. Nowadays it’s quite a different event adored by both  the locals and tourists. During the two weeks one can rumble through exciting flea markets, attend live concert and /or try local cuisine.


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3. Poznań Fortress Days

Dni Twierdzy Poznań

When? August
How long? One weekend
Where? Throughout the city



Poznań Fortress & Stronghold days are a perfect time for military enthusiasts to plan their visit to the city. During this weekend you will get the unique chance to discover different strongholds and the remains of fortresses. Many sightseeing tours include guides.


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4. St.Marin’s Name Day (street celebration)

Imieniny Ulicy Św. Marcin

When? 11th of  November
How long? One day
Where? St. Martin Street


In Poland one not only gets to celebrate their Birthday but also their Name Day. For each name a day during the year is assigned. 
The 11th of November is not only Independence Day in Poland but also the Name Day of men by the name of Martin. During this special day St. Martin’s street in Poznań comes alive due to all the festive fun. If you decide to visit Poznań for St.Martin’s remember to try the finger licking good  St. Martin’s pastries that Poznań is known for.


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5. International Ice Sculpture Festival

Festiwal Rzeźby Lodowej

When? December
How long? One weekend and until the ice doesn’t melt
Where? The old town


The Ice Sculpture Festival is an event that draws ice sculptors from all over the world wanting to present their skills. Simple blocks of ice get transformed into real artwork creating a one of its kind outdoor gallery.  The ready sculptures get illuminated with colorful lights making it especially worthwhile to admire them after dark. The sculptures stay intact for as long as mother nature allows them to. While admiring the beautiful winter artwork go ahead and sip on some mulled wine from one of the Christmas booths.


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