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If you’re into sports...

http://youtu.be/dxvJieLSasAPoznań is without doubt a city that loves soccer. The local team Lech Poznań aka “Kolejorz” is proud to have enthusiastic and passionate fans of all ages. Games are often attended by whole families and/or large groups of friends, sometimes also a sector especially for children is formed – allowing the games to become a friendly way of spending your free time. 

Like in many European cities “Kolejorz” fans cheer on their team and remain devoted no matter what the score might end up to be. If you’d like to see the enthusiasm the fans cheer with come to a game when in Poznań or go ahead and google our cheering fans doing their famous dance: „Let's all do the Poznan”. Poznań’s main soccer stadium located within city limits is quite impressive and surely one of the tourist attractions. 
Remaining on the topic of soccer Poznań’s second league team Warta Poznań is run by former model Izabella Łukomska-Pyżalska. The other interesting fact about the this team in particular is the fact that it was founded already in 1912, proving that as mentioned above Poznań is indeed a city devoted to soccer. 
Nonetheless Poznań also gets excited for other sports: tennis, regattas, rowing regattas and marathons - Poznań is the organizer of the second largest marathon in Poland.
Thanks to numerous facilities such as Termy Maltanskie – a spa and pool complex, Malta lake, Malta Ski and many more, Poznań additionally guarantees that its citizens to stay fit and in top shape.


1. Poznań Marathon

Poznań Maraton

When? October
Where? Throughout the whole city


Poznań Marathon is the second largest marathon organized in Poland. It seems to be attracting more and more participants each year. The route leads the participants through the streets of Poznań, making it an untypical sight-seeing trip for those not native to the city. The main prize is a car that the lucky winner can zoom off in after having run the tough 42 km.


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2. Poznań Halfmarathon

Poznań Półmaraton

When? April
Where? Malta Lake and surrounding areas


Trying to get in shape for a marathon? Why not try the Poznań Half Marathon. The route starts out at Malta Lake and leads the participants through different parts of the city. 


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3. Poznań Open – Tennis Tournament 

Porsche Open

When? July
Where? Olimpia Tennis Courts



This tournament guarantees a huge dose of fun. Right in the middle of summer Poznań changes into a tennis capital. Professionals from all over the world flock to Poznań to compete for the main prize, making the event incredibly exciting. The tournament is always accompanied by many evening parties and events, many of which are open to the public. 


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4. Poznań Triathlon

Poznań Triathlon

When? July
Where? Malta Lake and surrounding areas


Poznań Triathlon is surely an event for those in top shape. An event that allows you to test your skills and abilities in all three disciplines of swimming, running and cycling.


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5. Cavaliada


When? December
Where? MTP – Poznań International Fair


Cavaliada is an amazing event that includes tournaments, shows and exhibitions all revolving around the topic of horses.  So if you’re a “horse lover” get ready to gallop over to Poznań. This event is the biggest of its kind organized in Poland.


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