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Poznań Night Life - let's dance!

Poznań is a city which comes alive at night. Here, at sunset, people go out to spend time in many pubs, restaurants and cafes. When the hour gets a bit later, Poznań’s clubs fill up - and there, everyone can find something they will like in terms of music styles and genres. It’s your first time in Poznań? Look no further, and check out the dance joints!

Słodownia (weekend)
Latino / Salsa / Samba
Blue Note (Czwartkowy klasyk)
Pop / Hits
Twoja Stara (Off Garbary)
Kosmos (MK Bowling)


Address: ul. Półwiejska 18, 61-888, Poznań

Website: www.klubopcja.pl

Contact: +48 665 808 000 / info@klubopcja.pl

Style: Funk / R'n'B / Hip hop / Dance / Mash Up / Disco / Party rock / Trap / House

Selection: tak





Klub Opcja is a well tested DJ squad who play so well the parties here don’t stop till 5am; excellent barmen who can create cocktails pleasing not only to the palate but also to the eye; and the famous Thursdays called Opcja Half Price (all prices are halved till 1am). Both smokers and non-smokers can enjoy the club - its first floor is a No Smoking zone.



fot. własność Klub Opcja



Address: ul. Półwiejska 42, 61-888, Poznań (Stary Browar)

Website: www.sqklub.pl

Contact: +48 663 786 547 / biuro@sqklub.pl / klub@sqklub.pl

Style:  house, deep, tech house, minimal, drum&bass, koncerty

Selection: od lat 18 / selekcja






The 10 years of SQ club’s existence is a huge number of national and international bookings, concerts and music events which stand out in the Polish club scene with their quality and artistic expression. Both this quality, and the fanbase trust has been confirmed by the many awards the club has won over the years in various prestigious polls. At SQ, all kinds of electronic dance music can be heard, as well as original sounds of disco, funk and soul. Very often SQ hosts DJ duos supported by musicians and singers as well as artists playing live club music. The music is complemented by spectacular visualisations mixed live by popular and well-liked VJs. SQ has hosted, among others: m.in. Carl Craig; John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Ellen Alien, Paul Kalkbrenner, Nicolas Jaar, Magda, Steve Bug, Anja Schneider, Joris Voorn, Pan-Pot, Audiofly, Troy Pierce, Omar S, James Zabiela.



fot. SQ klub/Jagoda Waśko




Address: ul. Nowowiejskiego 8, 61-731, Poznań

Website: FB Pod Minogą

Contact: +48 61 852 79 22 / gosia@go-ahead.pl 

Style: pop, rock, muzyka klubowa

Selection: tak









A music club with two floors. Everyday, there are parties - karaoke, concerts, DJ sets and stand-up. Students enjoy special favors - with special prices just for them. What is more, from Monday to Friday between 4.15 and 6pm the club offers students’ happy hours.




fot. właśność Minoga




Address: ul. Półwiejska 42, 61-888, Poznań (Stary Browar)

Website: www.slodownia.com

Contact: browarpub@slodownia.com / 61 859 65 70

Style: W weekendy przeboje lat 80', 90' oraz wspólczesne przeboje. W środy i czwartki nowoczesna muzyka klubowa.

Selection: tak






Słodownia Brewery and Pub is located at the very heart of the city in the remarkable Stary Browar Arts and Business Center, famous Europe-wide. What makes Słodownia stand out is its unique atmosphere, professional and experienced staff, modern interior design, fully stocked bar and attractive company offer.




fot. Jagoda Waśko





Address: ul. Wrocławska 18, 61-001, Poznań

Contact: +48 665 550 891 / poznan@klubczekolada.pl

Style: house / electro / r'n'b / rap / mashup

Selection: tak









CZEKOLADA is a bar filled with various musical flavors. The best DJs collaborate with the club, which hosts Poland’s most experienced and renowned artists. Three days a week, you can have fun to the thrilling sounds of club music from all over the globe. Two floors, two bars, Poland’s only G.H. Mumm Formula 1 VIP ROOM, elegant interiors, good tunes and a great atmosphere - all of this and more at Czekolada club.





foto: własność Czekolada Poznań





Address: ul. Wrocławska 21, Stary Rynek, Poznań

Website: www.cuba-libre.pl

Contact: 61 8552344 / cuba-libre@cuba-libre.pl

Style: salsa, merengue, bachata, samba

Selection: tak









CUBA LIBRE is a place with attitude! Cuba Libre is the place filled with unique atmosphere Poznań has been waiting for since forever. A fully Latin club at the very heart of the city, where hot rhythm of salsa, merengue, bachata, samba and many more can be enjoyed six days a week. The club is hidden in the courtyard in 21 Wrocławska street. Upon entry the patrons are delighted with a spacious interior of around 350m2. There are many smaller rooms at the guests’ disposal, including a private hall with its own bar (suitable for private parties and banquets).



fot. własność Cuba Libre




Address: ul. Nowowiejskiego 13/15, Poznań

Website: www.muchos.pl

Contact: +48 61 851 91 73 / muchos@muchos.pl

Style: salsa, bachata, kizomba, merengue, pop latino, muzyka klubowa

Selection: tak





Muchos is a club which was the home and birthplace of Poznań’s Latin music for 16 years, and after a great revolution has changed and welcomed other music styles as well. Apart from salsa or bachata courses during the week there are also live concerts, and on weekends there is also club music, played by popular Polish DJs. The club’s new interior design and creative bartending staff add to a very good party. Muchos is at Nowowiejskiego 13/15, 5 minutes away from the Old Market Square.





Kosmos (Mk Bowling)


Address: ul. Święty Marcin 24, Galeria MM, Poznań

Website: FB Klub Kosmos

Contact: +48 61 222 50 52 / biuro.poznan@mkbowling.pl

Style: pop, muzyka klubowa

Selection: tak








Kosmos Music Club is a new spot in the center of Poznań. It is an ideal place to have a nice time with a group of friends. It has seven bowling alleys, a VIP hall and a nicely located outside seating area in a terrace from Marcinkowskiego St.




fot. własność Klub Kosmos


Address: ul. Kościuszki 79, 61-891, Poznań

Contact: +48616570777, +48618510408 / klub@bluenote.poznan.pl

Style: blues, soul, flamenco, acid jazz, hip-hop, reggae, muzyka celtycka, etniczna, kabaretowa

Selection: tak

Blue Note Poznań is a music club with regular concerts of many musical styles and genres, with the club’s domain - jazz - in the forefront. Despite being a definite concert venue, Blue Note has found itself here due to its regular, Poznań’s oldest event series - Thursday Classic. The 17 year tradition and a full club each week only confirm that a Thursday night in Blue Note is a guarantee of a good time.



fot. Jagoda Wa




Twoja Stara (Off Garbary)


Address: ul. Małe Garbary 7a, 61-756, Poznań

Website: FB Twoja Stara

Contact: +48 790 782 033 / twojastara.off@gmail.com

Style: House, Elektronika,Techno - Miksy i wystepy na zywo artystow z calego swiata oraz Polski

Selection: nie



A club, a bar, a place of gaming, relaxation and meetings of culture, art and gastronomy called Off Garbary.







fot. własność Twoja Stara



Address: ul. Św. Rocha 9, 61-142, Poznań

Website: www.trops.awf.poznan.pl

Contact: +48 531 442 550 / trops@awf.poznan.pl

Style: house, hip-hop, r'n'b', pop, dance, disco

Selection: nie








TROPS club - the Academic Culture Center - is Poznań’s legendary, iconic club and for many years one of the most important spots in the student map of the city. The club was created in the 1970’s and throughout its many years of existence has been not only a classical disco, but also a concert hall or the location of many cultural events. TROPS as we know it today is a real Academic Culture Center - the place for parties, concerts or stand-up shows as well as sports broadcasts, karaoke nights, travellers meetups, balls and festive galas.




fot. Natalia Dobrzańska



Address: Grochowe Łąki 5, 61-752 Stare Miasto, Poznań

Website: FB Projekt LAB

Contact: +48 732 544 522 / info@projektlab.pl

Style: techno, dubstep, trap, drum'n'bass

Selection: nie






An experimental clubbing space where sounds from the borderland of alternative music genres is investigated. Chosen by influential music media as one of Poland’s and Europe’s most interesting clubs.




fot. Miz










AR, sierpień 2016 / Chcesz aby twój lokal znalazł się w artykule? Pisz -> a.rudawski@plot.poznan.pl

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020