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December in Poznań

In december you'll be able to feel Christmas atmosphere all over Poznań. You have to visit Poznań Bethlehem, where you can enjoy time singing Christmas carols and enjoying mulled wine. The International Ice Sculpture Festival is another event you don't want to miss. Only in Poznań you can admire ice sculptures made by the best artists in the world. 

Poznań Bethlehem 2017

PLAC WOLNOŚCI (Liberty Square): 18.11-22.12.2017


STARY RYNEK (Old Market Square): 02.12-22.12.2017



This year Poznań will host the best Christmas market ever. Again Poznań Bethlehem will be based in two locations: on Plac Wolności (Liberty Square, from 18th November to 22nd December) and on the Old Market Square (from 2nd December to 22nd December). 

Many attractions are waiting for the visitors, such as concerts, meetings with Santa Claus, Christmas performances and more.


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Festiwal Sztuki i Przedmiotów Artystycznych



Venue: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Wejście Zachodnie, ul. Śniadeckich 25





From 1st to 3rd December Poznań will host Festiwal Sztuki i Przedmiotów Artystycznych (Festival of Arts and Handmade Items). It is a perfect opportunity to buy Christmas gifts and admire beautiful pieces of art created by Polish artists. 



STIHL POZnan Ice Festival 2017



Venue: Old Market Square, Poznań




The 12th edition of the International Ice Sculpture Festival will be held during the weekend of 9th and 10th December 2017. At that time in the Old Market Square, the medieval heart of the city, visitors to the event will be able to observe the process of creating the unique sculptures. The event's participants are the most talented artists and world champions in ice sculpture. The International Ice Sculpture Festival is a perfect reason to visit Poznań in December. 




Frida Kahlo i Diego Rivera: Polski kontekst 



Venue: Centrum Kultury Zamek, ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, Poznań



The exhibition of Frida Kahlo's works is one of the biggest event this year in Poznan. You will be able to see Frida Kahlo's paintings, as well as works of Diego Rivera. Additionally, everything will be based around the Polish context of their lives!


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More events in Poznań

"Afisz" is a monthly choice of cultural event. Usualy it includes few hundreds offers. Available in English as convenient pdf file. Download current edition.