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Don't let summer go!

So autumn has arrived , the days will start to get shorter and colder, there's just no stopping nature and the natural cycle. Surely many of us would want to extend the beautiful summer days by just a little bit. Now is the time to charge up on some energy before the cold weather really kicks in. Don't let the weather get to you, stay optimistic and spread the good feeling around you. Here are some tips and ideas on how to do that. Go on a little holiday without leaving the city!

Malta Thermal Baths


It is the best place to relax and rest. Malta Thermal Baths is the most modern and at the same time largest indoor water complex in Poland. The complex includes an Aqua Park, Sauna World and sports pools. For adrenaline junkies there are waterslides, wild rivers and sea waves. For those seeking relaxation, there is a number of jacuzzis, saltwater pools, whirlpools and beaches with rattan chairs.




Poznań Palm House


The Palm House has amassed huge collections of plants, thus becoming one of the biggest institutions of this kind in Europe. It has 17 thousand plants of 700 species and subspecies from the Mediterranean, subtropical, tropical, savannah and desert climates. There is also an extensive collection of exotic fish here.





Zielona Weranda


Upon entry, Zielona Weranda (“the green porch”) welcomes you with its greenness and unusual decorations. Its summer garden - one of the most beautiful in Poznań - is an island of green and peace in the heart of the city. Fresh salads, grilled meats, exquisite desserts and real home-made cakes and pies will charm and delight many a sybarite.





Regeneracja Day Spa


REGENERACJA Day Spa is a very special place, where time stands still. It is not possible to find words to describe the atmosphere of REGENERACJA - one just has to experience it. In world of scented oils, remarkable rituals and massages one can truly regenerate






DAY SPA SPA_larniakcal


All cosmetic procedures and massages in its rich offer guarantee the feeling of relaxation and luxury from the first touch. The atmosphere of the SPA adds to the experience of total state of relaxation. The interiors of SPA_larnia, despite the deliberate architectural austerity, invite you to absorb their calm, drinking in their comfort and extraordinary standard of service.




Arkady Fiedler Woskshop-Museum in Puszczykowo


If you dream about exotic places, you definitely must see this museum. There are ritual masks, human head trophies, tropical butterflies, crocodiles. Outside, in the Garden of Tolerance you can admire a unique in Europe collection of exotic monuments, for example an accurate copy of a statue from the Easter Island and monuments of Aztec gods.





Text: Marta Stawińska

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