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Plan your stay

Poznan.travel planner turns chaos into perfect order by making it easy for everyone to plan and organize travel details.  Get ideas, use schedules, maps and finally enjoy your stay. Plan your perfect trip with Poznan.travel.

Poznan.travel Planner can plan the perfect stay in Poznan and its surroundings with you. Its aim is to help you with:

- selection of tourist attraction perfectly suited to individual needs and preferences,

- arrangement of the travel schedule including maps, transportation, weather and anything needed,

- booking restaurants, theatre tickets, museum tickets , activities and much more,

- keeping all plans in one spot and having access to your planner online.

At the end of the stay you can receive your individual plan to download through PDF file and print it.

Create, save and share your trip with Poznan.travel Planner available here .

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020