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Top 5 during spring weekends in Poznań

Spring is a perfect time to visit Poznan. Are you wondering how to spend lovely, spring weekend in Poznań? Here are some hints.

1. Attend a delicious show at the Croissant Museum


The Croissant Museum in Poznan is a place where you’ll find out about the history of the city and about the Croissant legend. You’ll get to see and participate in a live presentation of how to prepare and bake the Croissant. The show is very entertaining for visitors of all ages. You won’t want to leave. At the end of the presentation you’ll also have the chance to taste this sweet little treat – a perfect ending to a perfect visit.

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On 2nd and 3rd of May additional shows will be organised:

2nd of May(Monday):  10:45, 11:10*, 12:30, 13:45**, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00

3rd of May (Tuesday):  10:45, 11:10*, 12:30, 13:45**, 15:00, 16:30

*croissant and goat shows

**English language shows


2. Time traveling in Porta Posnania


The remarkable Porta Posnania symbolically connects Poznań’s oldest districts of Cathedral Island and Śródka. It attracts its visitors with a multimedia display, educational workshops, cultural events and tours. It presents the fascinating history of Cathedral Island and encourages visitors to tour it with an audio guide. The Porta Posnania is a perfect starting point for exploring the city along the Royal-Imperial Route.

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During the May weekend the Poznań Porta Posnania celebrates the third anniversary of opening and invites you to join and have fun together. Workshops for families with children, trips to the Cathedral Islands and a thematic guided tours in the Porta Posnania exposition - but it is not all. Great girls from Kuchnia Ichnia will prepare delicious vegetarian food and a comic exhibition will appear on the Bishop Jordan's bridge. You will be able to admire the effects of the first experimental residences of Strowie / Islets in the Porta Posnania, and then go crazy during night on the Quiet Disco just off the river.


3. Discover the secrets of wildlife in the New Zoo


The animals are kept under near-natural conditions, among forests and lakes. The large area of the zoo is easily covered with the help of a few funky zoo trains. There is also a kids’ rope park, playgrounds and a petting zoo. For the history buffs, there is a late 19th century artillery fort. If you get hungry, the Zoo offers many places to have lunch or a snack.

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We recommend downloading the free application on the phone (Android) SmartZoo Poznan, which will help you to explore and orientate in the beautiful, extensive terrain of Zoo. You will find basic information about animals, how to get there and all the necessary information for family trips (gastronomy, toilets etc).


4. Enjoy the beauty of unique plants in the Botanical Garden


Poznań Botanical Gardens have been established between 1922 and 1925. In the area of 22 hectares it gathers the impressive collection of over 7 thousand species and varieties of plants from nearly all climate zones on Earth. The plants are shown in the following divisions: alpinarium, dendrology, plant geography, decorative plants, rare and endangered plants, water and swamp and plant taxonomy. One of the UAM Botanical Garden’s biggest attractions is the alpinarium. It occupies the space of about 6000 square meters, and its height differences are up to 9 meters.

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From 1st till 3rd of May it will be organised the fairs of plants and gardening articles, artistic products and handicrafts.


5. Spend time actively in Malta Thermal Baths


Welcome to Malta Thermal Baths - the most modern and at the same time largest indoor water complex in Poland, located by Maltańskie Lake in the very heart of Poznań. On the stretch of about 6 hectares there are 18 pools of the joint water surface area of 500m2. The complex includes an Aqua Park, Sauna World and sports pools with auditorium for 4000 seats. The Aquapark is a paradise for all water lovers. The largest water park in Poland consists of 16 smaller and larger, deep and shallow pools. For those looking for a rest, there is a beach with 200 sun loungers, a spacious Jacuzzi, and all with nice music in the background. You will feel like being on a holidays.

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