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Shopping centers

Like any other city, Poznań offers plenty of shopping opportunities. When visiting the city for a weekend trip, shopping is often on our to-do list. Below, you will find a list featuring both larger shopping centers and smaller boutiques, as well as little gems for all the antique hunters out there.


Address: Półwiejska 42
Contact no.: +48 61 859 60 50 

Website: www.starybrowar5050.com

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9 -  21  /  Sun 10 - 20


Over 200 shops, 15 restaurants, 13 cafes, a theater, a concert hall, over a dozen exhibition interiors, 8 cinema halls, Blow Up Hall 50 50, 3 music clubs and a historic park - all at Poznań's very heart, surrounded by unusual, historical architecture dating back to the 19th century Hugger brewery. Stary Browar 50 50 was named one of the 20 icons of Polish architecture after 1989.



Address: ul. Maltańska 1

Contact info: +48 61 658 10 22 

Website: www.galeriamalta.pl

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10 -  22  /  Sun 10 - 20



Galeria Malta is located in one of Poznań's most picturesque parts - at the very shore of Lake Malta. In the building the size of twenty football pitches, Galeria Malta hosts 170 stores of the  most popular Polish and international brands, service points, restaurants, cafes, a state-of-the-art Multikino cinema and a fitness club. Shoppers of Galeria Malta will find very easily accessible parking spaces in the gigantic multilevel parking area, able to fit 1800 cars.



Address: Stanisława Matyi 2

Contact info: +48 61 667 39 95

Website: www.poznancitycenter.pl

Opening hours: Mon - Sun 9 - 21



Poznań City Center, conveniently located by Poznań Główny train station, houses over 250 brands. Additionally, the center organizes many dedicated special events for their customers - fashion shows, kids' events and meet and greets with celebrities, often also from the fashion business. The center is an ideal option for travellers who suddenly find themselves with a longer layover time. 



Address: Dębiecka 1 - Poznań Luboń

Contact info: +48 61 652 30 30

Website: www.poznan.factory.pl/pl

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 11-21 / Sat 10-21 / Sun 10-20



The shopping center right by the southern outskirts of the city offers 30-70% discounts on clothes the whole year round. Factory Outlet is over 90 shops offering a variety of Polish and international brands.



If you like to shop till you drop, check out these:

City Center:
Galeria MM http://galeriamm.poznan.pl/
Kupiec Poznański http://kupiecpoznanski.pl/

A bit outside of the city center:
King Cross Marcelin http://www.kingcrossmarcelin.pl/
Poznań Plaza http://www.poznanplaza.pl/

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