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An active weekend at Poznań’s Malta Lake

 A lake and recreational center just 2 kilometers from the very heart of the city? Believe it or not, it only takes a 20 minute walk to get from Poznan’s famous billy goats to the city’s biggest recreational center. The place in question is of course the Malta Lake, and it is mostly associated by tourists with the regatta. For the citizens, it is a place of relaxing weekend walks and active leisure. Both are equally surprised when they discover the whole range of attractions the Malta Lake has to offer.

The Malta Lake is an artificial body of water, which is over 60 years old (it was built in 1952). The basin’s oblong shape hosts the biggest rowing and kayaking competitions and events, including the world championships. The grassy shores of the lake, a stand with easy fan-access as well as a choice of beer gardens and cafes are excellent spots for the fans.

A walk around the lake takes over an hour, as its perimeter is 5,6 km. This distance does not scare away skaters and bikers, and if you don’t have your own set of wheels, they can be rented. The Malta lakeside paths are also a favorite spot for many joggers.

Malta’s southern shore is the home to most of the attractions. An all-year-round ski slope, downhill rafting, a toboggan run, a roller coaster, mini-golf and equipment rental are all part of Malta Ski’s leisure offer. It also includes playgrounds, a summer open-air cinema and picnic areas. As you walk towards the New Zoo, you have the unique opportunity to rise up to the challenges of two high rope courses - Pyrland Park and Explorer Park.

At the very shore there are three restaurants, offering a variety of Polish and continental cuisine, as well as a few smaller food corners. Panorama Restaurant in the HP Park Hotel is noted for its two elegant terraces with a view of the lake; Wiankowa Restaurant is intriguingly located within a loop made by the two rollercoaster routes. 3kolory Restaurant is at the finish line of the regatta track - it is the place where victory can be celebrated with an excellent meal.

And since we have arrived at the finish line - from here we could follow the bicycle paths in the direction of Antoninek’s ponds, or to the New Zoo, the second largest zoo in Poland. Rare specimens of animals and huge open spaces create a true safari atmosphere which can be experienced either on foot or on park trains whose price is included in the ticket.
Termy Maltańskie - an aqua park and pool complex, whose large part is in the open air with a view of the lake - takes up most of Malta lake’s northern shore. Saunas, jacuzzis and colourful water slides guarantee a good time for the whole family.

For those seeking relaxation, there are rattan beds and salt water baths. Termy is right by the Maltanka route - a narrow-gauge park train, connecting Śródka with the New Zoo. For kids the choo-choo could be a fairytale vehicle, and the grown-ups will also smile at the sight of small trolleys, hauled slowly by the miniature locomotive.
A special mention goes to the only Polish open-air bowling track. It is an attraction offered by Bula Park, which also welcomes lovers of boule. After an exciting game, the spirits can be eased on deck chairs or hammocks as well as at the small bar.

An active day spent by the water demands a good meal. The northern shore offers the culinary specialties of Maltanka Restaurant, at a bar in Termy Maltańskie or Rycerska Restaurant at the campsite. The lovers of culinary exotica should definitely visit Taj India where the specialties are prepared by as many as five Indian chefs.

Active or lazy - it is up to you. One thing is sure - one weekend is definitely not enough to enjoy Poznań’s Malta Lake to the fullest and discover all of its attractions. If you are planning on spending more time here, we have good news. Malta Camping and two three-star hotels (Novotel Malta and HP Park Hotel) are right at the lakeshore, so no time will be wasted on commuting.

Malta awaits you!

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