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24 h for art-lovers

Are you an art lover? You have come to the right place. Poznań has many interesting museums and artistic spots which are a must-see.

10.00 Breakfast of champions

There is no rush - most galleries don’t open before 11. Have a relaxed breakfast at your hotel (most offer a breakfast buffet). If eating out is more your kind of thing, check out “Ptasie Radio” cafe’s breakfast menu - their scrambled eggs are truly a delight. Later take a stroll up the street, in the direction of the Imperial Castle, visible in the distance.

11.00 “Zamek” Culture Center

“Zamek” Culture Center is located in the impressive interiors of the former imperial castle. Use the opportunity and take a tour of the castle’s historical halls, where the remnants of its former glory are still very much visible. Don’t miss the modern exhibition part, and the galleries on the ground floor, with their collection of photographs and modern art. For more information on the current events, go to  www.zamek.poznan.pl.


1.00 pm Old Brewery50 50 Shopping, Arts and Business Center

Stary Browar50 50 was created on the basis of the one-hundred-year-old former Hugger Brewery. According to its owner’s concept, 50% of the Center’s activities is concentrated on art in its many shapes and forms. Check out the unique architecture of Stary Browar’s buildings and see for yourself how well it complements its many works of art. A pleasant stroll from the Castle to Stary Browar will take you no more than 20 minutes, walking down Kościuszki Street.


2.00 pm Lunch at Piano Bar

There is no need to leave Stary Browar to have a tasty lunch. Visit Piano Bar, a spectacular restaurant in the Stary Browar Courtyard, where the elegant, delicious cuisine meets the works of many artists from the Wielkopolska region - painters, photographers and graphics. Enjoy the art, as you enjoy your meal.



3.00 pm Art Stations Gallery

The gallery is located on the floor of the Clock Tower in the Stary Browar complex. It promotes modern art, especially the unusual kind which breaks all the stereotypes. Exit the Stary Browar complex on its parkside, and keep going until you reach Galeria Malarstwa i Rzeźby (Painting and Sculpture Gallery).



4.00 pm Poznań National Museum, Painting and Sculpture Gallery

The Poznań National Museum has a vast collection of Roman and Gothic art, many paintings by renown Polish and foreign artists, mostly 15th-18th century Italian, 17th century Dutch and 16th and 17th century Flemish, as well as many extremely valuable pieces by the French masters, including the only Monet in Poland. Don’t miss the temporary exhibitions, and do visit the gift shop.


6.00 pm Stary Rynek’s many art galleries

After a visit to the Painting and Sculpture Gallery, walk less than 100 meters in the direction of Stary Rynek. In the square and its surrounding alleys you will stumble upon boutique private art galleries, such as Katarzyna Napiórkowska’s Art Gallery, and Galeria Miejska Arsenał. Lose yourself in the fascinating world of art, if even for a few hours.

8.00 pm Dinner at Concordia Taste

Concordia Taste Restaurant is located in the historic Concordia Design building. Every few weeks, a new interior design is introduced, harking back on the changes in trends, seasons, occasions and moods. The interiors also house art exhibitions, concerts and various events.


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