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24 h adventure

Adventure on the water or in the air? Poznań gives you plenty of options for a day out.

09:00am A breakfast energy boost

You are going to need a lot of energy for a whole day of adventure. Charge your battery with a handsome breakfast at your hotel (most of them offer a breakfast buffet). If you prefer to eat outside of the hotel, be sure to check out Republika Róż (the Republic of Roses) close to the Stary Rynek - their breakfast menu is to die for!

10:00am A City Game

Move around a bit! Come on - rent a bike! It’s easy peasy - you can use one of the self-service Next Bike rentals (go to http://www.nextbike.pl/ and sign up to the system – enter your details, accept the rules and regulations, and pay the initial fee; after receiving confirmation on the e-mail address you provided on registration, you can start using all the available bicycles in the nextbike system), and off you go, discovering Poznań with one of our City Games - “By Bike through Poznań”. See who can solve the riddle first!

12:00pm Mini Golf/ Adrenaline Rollercoaster

If you and your friends or family are always up for a challenge, why not challenge them to a mini golf tournament! The mini golf course is situated right by the lovely Malta Lake, one of Poznań’s recreational centers.

If golf is not exciting enough for you - you’re in luck! For those seeking more spectacular experiences, Malta Lake offers a ride on an alpine coaster. Racing down the track is guaranteed to not only raise your adrenaline levels off the charts, but also to supply an extra shot of positive energy.

01:00pm  Lunch at Taj India

A trip to India in just a few minutes? Why, yes - in Poznań anything is possible. In Taj India, the winner of the 2012 Gourmand’s Crown award in the Taste category, you can enjoy the tastes of Indian cuisine in wonderful, stylish interiors which will make you feel like you are in the heart of New Delhi. As an added bonus, the restaurant offers a spectacular view of the Malta Lake, as it is conveniently located at the finish line of the regatta course, a mere 5 minutes walk from the golf course.

03:00pm Pyrland Park

The exquisite meal may have left you feeling a bit sleepy, so… Let’s turn those adrenaline levels back to “high”, shall we? Give it a go, climbing from tree to tree on suspended rope bridges and nets or sliding 70 meters on a rope. This is guaranteed to get your heart rate up. Pyrland Park rope course is located 10 minutes away from Taj India, by the lovely Malta Lake.

05:00pm Aquapark Termy Maltańskie (Malta Thermal Baths)

Though the intense workout might have weakened your strength, the fun is not nearly over. On the other side of lake Malta there is Poland’s biggest aquapark - Termy Maltańskie. Feel free to use the SPA facilities, take a steam or a sauna, or simply swim in one of 16 pools on the premises.


07:00pm Dinner at Dark Restaurant

After a day filled with excitement and adventures, it is now time to recharge your batteries. Not far from Stary Rynek (the Old Market Square) you will find many a watering hole to satiate your hunger and thirst. However - this adventure ride is not over. Why not try something that will blow you away? Don’t be shy and pay a visit to Dark Restaurant, the only place we know where your meal is served and consumed in utter darkness, and what you have on your plate remains a mystery until after it has been eaten.

09:00pm Bowling

Are you up for more competition? You can give this day of adventure an epic ending by taking your family or friends out for an evening of bowling at MK Bowling, located smack in the center of the city or Niku Bowling located a bit further.

You can also try and raise your adrenaline levels yet again and give a go at go-karting or laser paintball. Both attractions are located a bit further from the city center - still worth checking out though!

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020