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Wining and dining

Taste Poznań! Try Saint Martin's crossaint, eat homemade ice cream and relax!

 The list of partners of a new Poznań City Card edition:



Gusto Ristorante - 10% discount

Gusto Ristorante is a perfect place for lovers of Italian cuisine. The smell of stone-baked pizza as well as original pastas, salads, seafood, fish, soups and meats will be a delight for all tastes. Guests can sit in the outdoor patio or relax on deck chairs.


Śrem, ul. Gostyńska 51

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Bazar 1838 Restaurant - 10% discount

Bazar 1838 is an exceptional place for anyone who enjoys the taste and presentation of food. Here, traditional Polish cuisine appears in a completely new perspective. A stylish and warm interior complements the exquisite food. Thanks to the vast experience of the chef, the dishes in Bazar 1938 can be characterized by ease, imagination and colour - the menu itself is seasonal and changes according to the time of year.


ul. Paderewskiego 8

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Bistro Park Restaurant - HP Park Hotel - 10% discount

The restaurant offers delicious Polish and European cuisine from master chefs. Great food for all palates, including, among others, exquisite duck and phenomenal pork hock. Additionally, you can enjoy the unique view of Lake Malta. Summer porch and the green picnic zone next to the bottom terrace are open from spring to autumn. The restaurant offers professional catering and organisation of both family and business events (weddings, christening parties, first communion parties, birthdays, integration meetings, other business events, grill parties, romantic dinners, beer fests etc.).


ul. Abpa Baraniaka 77

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Four Seasons Restaurant - Vivaldi Hotel - 10% discount

The Four Seasons restaurant relies on seasonal and local products, out of which the Chef composes delicious traditional dishes with a modern twist. In the morning, guests are greeted by the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the rich breakfast menu. The green surroundings and the trill of birds soothe the senses and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, guests can try, among others, the best duck in the region, have a juicy steak or enjoy plant-based dishes. Our experienced staff will help you select the wine to bring out the taste of your meals. The restaurant is also a perfect place for a family event or a business training course.


ul. Winogrady 9

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Flavoria Restaurant - IBB Andresia Hotel - 20% discount

Flavoria Restaurant by IBB Andersia Hotel is a place where we serve fusion cuisine at its finest. The highest quality and freshness of the ingredients, attention to detail as well as a creative and professional team make Flavoria’s cuisine exceptional and exquisite. Our Guests can enjoy delicious Italian pastas, juicy steaks or the mouth-watering, traditional Poznań duck. The unforgettable mood is created by sensual gentle music, making Flavoria a magical place, satisfying not only your sense of taste.


Plac Andersa 3

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Lumière Restaurant - Edison Hotel in Baranowo - a glass of Edison vineyard wine with orders over 60 PLN

The Lumière Restaurant is a perfect place for business lunches, weekend family dinners and evening meetings with friends over pizza! The menu is a blend of Polish cuisine with Italian and French influences. The restaurant makes sure that the menu is seasonal and local and pays careful attention to the source of the products. The restaurant’s specialty are matured steaks made of Polish dairy cows. A separate concept in the restaurant is the pizza, which is baked in an Italian wood fired stone oven. The idea here is based on simplicity and the best ingredients.


Baranowo, ul. Wypoczynkowa 60

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L33 Bistro&Bar Restaurant - Liberte 33 Hotel - original alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail with orders over 60 PLN

L33 Bistro&Bar is an out-of-the-ordinary English-style restaurant, featuring a bar and a café, where you can meet your friends over snacks and wine, drop by for a quick dinner or a coffee or eat a proper meal à la carte. The restaurant offers international cuisine in a modern version based on seasonal products and enriched with local accents. The bar offers a rich selection of gins and tonics from all around the world served in different variations as well as classic alcoholic cocktails and exquisite wines. What completes L33 Bistro&Bar’s offer is its unique summer Gin Bar in the hotel’s garden open on warm nights.


ul. Libelta 33

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Podanie Restaurant - Poznań Stadium - 10% discount

You will be surprised at how well we serve! Locally – Deliciously
Visit us and taste regional cuisine dishes in their modern versions. We guarantee that you have never had plyndze (a type of potato pancakes), szagówki (small potato dumplings) or pyry z gzikiem (potatoes with seasoned radish and spring onion quark) this good before!
The Podanie Restaurant is located in one of the most popular sites in Poznań – the Poznań Stadium.


ul. Bułgarska 17

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Rynek Restaurant – Sheraton Poznan Hotel - 10% discount

Rynek is a meeting place. A place teeming with life at all times, where you can try fresh, best quality products from a renowned and trustworthy seller. The Rynek Restaurant takes pride in the best Polish products and culinary traditions. We serve beautiful, authentic food made of local products from trusted providers. We are inspired by everything that surrounds us: current trends, Poznań’s marketplaces and the culinary history of the region. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere goes exceptionally well with craft beers, a selection of wines and surprising cocktails – we serve our guests the best of the best from the region.

ul. Bukowska 3/9

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Pyra Bar - 15% discount

InsPYREd by the truly underground potential of the potato, we have created Pyra Bar. The traditional name of the potato used only in the Wielkopolska region (‘pyra’) gave the bar its name. It is the only place that serves dishes composed of pyry, or potatoes, with flair and panache. Among the mild ZBoczek and spicy chicken Cukinsyn in form of a casserole, Potejta – jacket potatoes, there were also room for regional potato dishes: Pyra z Bzikiem (with gzik, traditional Wielkopolska cottage cheese dish with onions, cream, chives or raddishes) or kartofel na szaro (dumplings made with raw potatoes, hence their name in Polish – gray dumplings).


ul. Strzelecka 13

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Spaghetteria Avanti - 10% discount

The spaghetti restaurant AVANTI offers dishes of Italian cuisine: spaghetti, pizza, lasagne, backed Pasta, piadina, lettuce, salads... The spaghetti restaurant is located in the old town house, at 76 Old Market Square, it invites its guests not only to the restaurant but also to its summer garden. In Polish, AVANTI (Italian) means an invitation to enter. So … AVANTI! Pizza, other dishes and beverages are available for take-away.


Stary Rynek 76

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Winestone Restaurant – Mercure Poznań Centrum Hotel - 10% discount except for lunch of the day and wines from the shop

The Winestone Restaurant is located in the very centre of Poznań, in the Mercure Hotel. It combines international cuisine with local accents. Dishes are served on hot stones. It is here that you can try the raisin sourdough spiced baguette served with highest-quality olive oil and a Dukkah spice blended by the cook. The Winestone Restaurant offers a rich assortment of wines from all around the world, and the waiting staff will help you choose the best one for your meal.


ul. Roosevelta 20

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Weranda caffe - 10% discount

Next to excellent homemade pies and desserts, Weranda caffe offers a unique atmosphere and a moment of peace and quiet in its summer garden right in the city centre. It charms with the interior design details, which create a warm and homey feeling. Weranda caffe is a quiet and peaceful space, where you can have a cup of your favourite coffee and a slice of homemade pie. It resembles a veranda of a country cottage somewhere in southern Europe.


ul. Świętosławska 10

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Weranda lunch & wine - 10% discount

Here, life goes on according to the time of day - there is breakfast time, later a lunch hour rush, whose menu changes daily, and the eves are reserved for wine. Located in one of the most impressive art and business centres – the Old Brewery - Weranda lunch & wine fulfills the needs of the busy patrons, while maintaining a warm and cosy atmosphere. A rustic and simple interior brings to mind the most fashionable locales of New York’s Williamsburg.


ul. Półwiejska 32

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Zielona Weranda caffe & ristorante - 10% discount

Zielona Weranda is green from the get-go, and it welcomes you with its unusual decor and the gorgeous summer garden. The latter - one of Poznań’s most beautiful - is an enclave of green and calm in the centre of the city. Fresh salads, grilled meats, exquisite desserts and real homemade pies and cakes will win the heart of many a gourmand.


ul. Paderewskiego 7

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