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Public transport

Half price Poznan is also the possibility of cheaper travel in Poznan, including history bus.

Discover Poznań on the HISTORY BUS! 
Discover Poznań with us in an unusual way - take a ride on the History Bus and visit the city’s many sights. It’s very simple - hop on the bus at any of its stops, listen about the history of the sights you pass along the way (in Polish, English and German audio version) and hop off whenever you like. Visit the spots you fancy at your own pace, relax over a cup of coffee and St Martin’s croissant, taste the local restaurants’ specialties and then - hop back on the bus. You decide what you want you see and when. 

Offer: available from 22th April.


EB TAXI - centrala radio taxi: 61 8 222 222 

biuro@taxi.poznan.pl | www.taxi.poznan.pl

All the night  3rd/4th May EB TAXI will give you a lift on the 1st tariff instead of the 2nd. Choose M1 taxi and let your night ride be cheaper!  

Price per kilometer: 3,27 pln / 2,18 pln



Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020