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Check-in Poznan Game

Do you want to show your friends you are having great fun in Poznan, get discounts for another stay, and maybe even win a weekend full of attractions? Take part in Check-in Poznan Game during Half Price Poznan!

Check-in Poznan is an opportunity to win additional prizes for anyone using a discount as part of Half Price Poznan. All you have to do is to install Foursquare application and go into Games by clicking on the link posted on http://check-in.poznan.pl. The game consists in checking in on Foursquare in all locations which offer discounts on 3 and 4 May 2014. For each check-in you will be given points, and those who collect the highest number of points will receive prizes - a weekend full of Poznan attractions!


    Check-in Poznan is also fun for everyone in the city center. At 7:30 p.m. on Saturday Swarm will begin in the Old Market Square, during which a group check-in will be made. All participants will receive souvenir T-shirts of the action, will be captured in a group photograph and will be granted 50 additional points in the Game.


    During the Game, each participant will be able to check the ranking of the players on the Internet and on the large screen placed in the Old Market. Come and join us!


More details soon or on Polish web-site: http://check-in.poznan.pl/

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