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For gourmands

Who among us does not look back fondly at the carefree years of our childhoods? Now, thanks to the new trend of handmade candy manufacturing in Poznań, both residents and tourists have a unique opportunity to taste the sweet flavours of their childhood once again. All those with a sweet tooth should wait no longer and visit Poznań's many handmade candy manufactories, which produce traditional and healthy sweets.

Museum of Chocolate

Museum presents history of chocolate - from the grain to the complete bar. Your visit there will be a journey through Africa and its plantations. You'll learn how choclate arrived to Europe and how the tradition of this treat changed throughout the history. During the tour you'll taste Belgian choclates with no limits. You can also participate in workshops and make your own unique bar of choclate. Approximate time of a visit: around 5o minutes.




Poznań Croissant Museum and Experience

Dear visitor! We invite you to see our original shows which reveal the secrets of Saint Martin Croissants and other Poznan’s prides. Let’s meet in a beautiful, renaissance tenement house right opposite the Town Hall. The shows are presented live by the locals and prices include croissant tasting!



Homemade ice-cream in Poznań

Poznań residents fell deeply in love with the hand-made ice-cream, which did not go unnoticed by subsequent local producers. This year, traditional ice-cream is available in more than a dozen spots all over the city.








text: Marta Stawińska

photos: Archive of PLOT, Jakub Pindych

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020