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How to join?

Here we suggest what the procedure of joining PLOT members looks like and what benefits can be gained by entities from the tourist industry from becoming a part of our association.



How to join PLOT?

  • Submit a written application for admission to the PLOT Management Board (template for the application in the attachment at the end of the text).
  • The PLOT Management Board makes a decision on admission to the PLOT members' membership in the form of a Management Board Resolution at its next meeting.
  • Payment of the registration and annual fee (member rates are set individually or commercially by the General Meeting) - the amount in the attachment at the end of the text.



Basic benefits for PLOT members:

  • Participation in trade fair stands organized or co-organized by PLOT at national and international fairs and other promotional events.
  • On-going distribution of the members’ promotional and informational materials by the PLOT office during various types of events, conferences, fairs.
  • Participation in training, conferences, debates, meetings and other events organized or co-financed by the PLOT.
  • Possibility of influencing the program of study visits organized by PLOT for travel agencies and journalists.
  • Making joint promotional campaigns.
  • Integration with local governments and the tourist industry of the Poznań agglomeration.
  • Receiving PLOT publications for promotional purposes.
  • Internet promotion on the tourist portal and the access to the PLOT email database.
  • Promotion of tourism products and other events in media cooperating with PLOT.
  • Access to specialist data on promotion and tourism, including the list of foreign tour operators and travel agencies who have Poland in their offer.
  • Systematic receipt of information about PLOT activities.
  • Dedicated access to the Poznań Tourist Barometer and the possibility of monthly access to tourist data from the Poznań agglomeration (including tourist information points, hotels, museums, airports, tourist attractions or annual surveys).




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