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Main tasks

Our main task is the tourist promotion of the Poznań agglomeration. We pursue this goal through the offers of our members. Our activities are focused on the dissemination of information and contact with the media, preparation of publications, but also training for the tourism industry and other activities. Below is a selection of our actions.

The basic objectives of the PLOT program activity:

  • development of domestic and foreign incoming tourism to the Poznań agglomeration
  • promotion of the tourist offer of the member municipalities among Poznań residents
  • improving the availability of tourist information about the Poznań agglomeration
  • domestic and foreign support of cultural, sports and local events organized in the Poznań agglomeration
  • creating new tourist products
  • improvement of tourist traffic service
  • improving qualifications of people involved in the promotion of tourism and tourist services
  • integration of municipalities and the tourist industry of the Poznań agglomeration

The basic forms of implementation of the program objectives:

  • appearances at domestic and foreign tourist fairs and markets
  • presentations of the tourist offer of the Poznań agglomeration in Poznań's shopping centers and other Polish cities
  • organizing study trips for journalists and tour operators
  • running a website
  • developing tourist packages
  • sending information folders
  • preparing press releases and advertising inserts for newspapers
  • organizing training in the field of tourism promotion and tourism services

Some benefits for PLOT members:

  • establishing contacts and integration of the tourism industry,
  • preferential conditions of participation in tourism fairs,
  • cooperation with the media and participation in study travel programs,
  • participation in PLOT training,
  • participation in PLOT projects (eg photo sessions),
  • patronage and media coverage of events.

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020