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Poznań is surrounded by many lakes and forests. Only 15 km south of Poznań there is Wielkopolski National Park, or the nearby Rogaliński Landscape Park. Different in character, but equally attractive, are the grounds north of the city, with Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park. Another unique spot is Biedrusko, with the remains of buildings, abandoned over 100 years ago to make a military training ground, used by the army to this day, and partially open to the civilians on weekends.

Oak Trees of Rogalin

Rogalin Landscape Park is famous for its magnificent oak trees - nearly two thousand of them, in fact, with many classified as nature monuments. The most famous of them are Lech (6.33m in girth), Czech (7.35m in girth, unfortunately dead since 1992) and Rus (9.15m in girth, currently the thickest of all the Rogalin oak-wood forest), as well as Oak Edward (6.18m in girth). They grow near the Rogalin Palace, in the picturesque scenery of the naturalistic landscape park.



Kórnik Arboretum

There is a vast collection of trees, bushes and shrubs from the cold temperate climate zone of the Northern hemisphere. The exact number of plant species and varieties in the arboretum is nearly 3500. The arboretum is open every day, all year round. Many events take place here, attracting both Poznań residents and tourists - the famous Blooming Magnolias, or Azalea and Rhododendron Days.



Śnieżycowy Jar Reserve

Murowana Goślina municipality - GPS: N 52,619273° E 17,936273°

An extensive flower reserve created to protect the few sites of occurance of śnieżyca biała (“Spring Snowflake”, a plant mostly seen in the Sudety mountains). The reserve is very popular with the tourists between February and March, as it is then that the blooming spring snowflake announces the coming of spring by creating a gorgeous white cover of flowers.



Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park
municipalities: Czerwonak, Kiszkowo, Murowana Goślina, Pobiedziska, Skoki

Located East of Poznań, this landscape park is the perfect place for family leisure and recreation. The bicycle path network of Puszcza Zielonka and its surrounding areas has over 220 kilometers long. Many other paths have also been charted here - hiking, kayaking, horse-riding, and the unique Trail of Wooden Churches.



Wielkopolski National Park
situated between the towns of Puszczykowo-Stęszew-Mosina

18 areas of strict protection have been established there. 5 signposted hiking trails with the joint length of 85 km run through the park. Seven walks run across these trails, enabling to learn the natural and cultural value of the area. Over 100 km of cycle paths are available in the park, as well as 30 km of horse riding paths. There is also the WNP Nature Museum in Jeziory.



Warta Boardwalk in Śrem
Southern shore of the Warta river in the center of Śrem, between the 23 Stycznia Bridge and Mickiewicza St.

An ideal place for strolls and active leisure. The Boardwalk is a 1 kilometer long walking and cycling path. During the walk, nature lovers may observe 12 nature monuments. There are benches at the boardwalk, as well as a playground.



Nature education path „Bobrowy Szlak” in Czmoniec
Czmoniec, Kórnik municipality

This charming path running through Rogaliński Landscape Park leads through forests and riverside meadows, providing unforgettable views to the former Warta riverbed and its natural wetlands. The path consists of 9 stops with information boards. Three variants of the path have been designed with different levels of difficulty - yellow (1 km, for the youngest and beginners among nature lovers), green (around 2.5km, for those with medium endurance) and red (4km, for the experienced hikers).



Trzcielińskie Bagno Ornithological Reserve
Lake Trzcielińskie, 4 kilometers north of Stęszew

This reserve is a part of the Wielkopolski National Park. It spreads over 38,14 ha, including a largely overgown and swampy Lake Trzcielińskie in the valley of the Samica river. It is the nesting site of over 60 species of birds. Some of the bird species observed here include peewit, grey heron, common buzzard, red kite, crane and oriole.



Lakes: Gackie, Borowe, Książe and Dzwonowskie
Skoki municipality

Skoki and its surroundings abound in lakes. Big or small, they are an invitation to outdoor leisure close to nature, such as going for a walk or a bicycle ride. A good excuse to do just that is the nearby Cistercian Trail. What is noteworthy is that the Skoki lakes are teeming with fish, and so are a true fisherman’s paradise.



Lake Lusowskie
Tarnowo Podgórne municipality

The lake is located in the Protected Landscape Area, which makes its water among the cleanest in the region. There is a modern beach in Lusowo. Due to the abundance of fish species, the lake has been named the fishermen’s paradise. There is also a multitude of bird nestings in the area, and along the north shore of the lake there is a romantic linden-aspen alvenue.



Swarzędzkie Lake and Cybina Valley

Due to its unique landscape values and its plant and animal habitat, Swarzędzkie Lake and Cybina Valley have been listed as a protected area within “Natura 2000”. A cycle and hiking path runs along the shore of the lake, where you can find a marina with a water equipment rental, playgrounds, street workout gear, a skatepark, a summer pub and cafe, a lounging area and a vantage point.



Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020