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Poznań Pyra Trail - 62 bar & reastaurant

Hi guys! How about a joint trip around Poznań restaurants serving interesting potato dishes? The first restaurant we take you to is 62 Bar & Restaurant. It is a real gem of Poznań gastronomy, and in addition, it is so hidden that few know about its existence. Chef Jarek Kin eagerly reaches for regional products and sensitively gives them a light, contemporary form.

The restaurant offers Poznań pyra in the form of:

🥔 Greater Poland soup with potato croquette,
🥔 szagówek with Greater Poland cheese,
🥔 potato pancake with trout.


Chef Jarek Kin is also the coach of the Polish team in the most prestigious competition in the world - Bocuse d'Or. In the competition that ended a week ago, it was pyra that was put in the spotlight, and the leaders of European gastronomy were to reflect the strength and character of the potato, considered one of the most universal and interesting products in gastronomy on their plates. Jarek Kin does it perfectly, so book a table before the menu changes!


Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020