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Season for Poultry and Forest Fruit

On Friday, October 17th, the Season for Poultry and Forest Fruit begins! The themes will include, among others, goose, balanced breeding chicken, guinea fowl, pheasant or duck which, together with mushrooms, blueberries and bilberries, look fantastic!

“Season for…” is a periodic culinary event, referencing the seasonality of produce. Its organizer, "Kulinarny Poznań", specializes in themed culinary events. This theme is of course influenced by the season - the fall. Forest fruit and quality poultry will find their way onto the plates this time. Restaurants partaking in this event are:



One of the frameworks the chefs from partaking restaurants must incorporate their menus into in the price range. The established ranges are 15 PLN for an appetizer, 20 PLN for a main course and 15 PLN for a dessert. The seasonal menu must not exceed the given price ceiling. Below,  Enjoy restaurant’s designer menu, created by chef Dominik Brodziak.


The seasonal offer is a guarantee of bargain prices and pleasure for the palate. If you would like to become a taster of excellent culinary creations, keep close track of Kulinarny Poznań. In the following days the portal will announce the few lucky web surfers who will be invited to a seasonal menu tasting. Stay tuned!

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020