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Nad Różanym Potokiem Restaurant

What do tennis, pizza and a good rest in a comfy hotel bed have in common? In all fairness, not much. But - we know a place where each of these things is available under one roof. There are much more options for leisure there, and the location itself will pleasantly surprise you with its possibilities, panache and style. Today, we discover Fairplayce Poznań in Poznań’s Piątkowo district.


Fairplayce in Poznań’s Piątkowo district has been around for nearly a year. The inconspicuous exit off Naramowicka Street by Różany Potok is not too telling of the unusual possibilities which make this location so unique.


Tennis courts, six squash courts, a badminton hall, a modern gym, a conference room and a family restaurant - all of this under one roof of the Fairplayce complex. Each of the location’s functionalities is so well developed and polished that it is worthy of its own little entry. Today, let’s focus on the restaurant.



Nad Różanym Potokiem, or “At the Rosy Brook”, is a bright, roomy, pastel space, perfect for a cool down after athletic efforts or for a nice, lazy family dinner. The homey and casual interiors and the view of the green belt around Różany Potok allow for an escape from the hubbub of everyday life. In the summer, the guests can enjoy a terrace with outside seating and the green space at the edge of the stream. It is admittedly a lovely and unusual combination.



On the menu there are dishes of Polish cuisine as well as some popular Italian accents. What precisely? Pasta, salads and excellent pizza fill the Italian side of the menu; the lovers of traditional Polish cooking will appreciate soups, “zrazy” (beef collops) or duck a’la Poznań. The incredibly delicate cheeks with dark sauce and “pyzy” (steamed yeast dumplings) will remain in our memory for a long time - do try them! The menu is completed by a selection of homemade desserts whose look is matched only by their superb taste.



Nad Różanym Potokiem is one of the more interesting recommendations in the “family dinner” category. It is a place where you can not only eat very well, but also enjoy active leisure. The kids especially will appreciate the multitude of nooks and crannies to explore, and the parents will love their children having a safe space for all the fun. If peace, relaxation and good food is what you’re after, search no more - Fairplayce  and Nad Różanym Potokiem are where it’s at!




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