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The MUGA restaurant from Poznań receives a Michelin star

MUGA restaurant with a Michelin star! Restaurants from Poznań have found their way onto the pages of the red guide.Michelin critics recommend 11 restaurants from Poznań. Poznan is the third city in Poland (next to Warsaw and Krakow) to join the group of cities awarded by the Michelin guide. The guide is considered the most prestigious culinary guide in the world. 

The long-awaited premiere of the Polish edition of the Michelin Guide, which includes Poznan in its recommendations, is now a fact! We are happy and proud to announce that Michelin critics are recommending as many as 11 restaurants from Poznań for the 2023-24 season. Congratulations to the awarded and we encourage you to make reservations!

Muga (1 star) - ul. Krysiewicza 5, 61-825 Poznań

Restauracja Muga - Gwiazdka Michelina 2023

😋 Fromażeria (Bib Gourmand) - 27 Ratajczaka Street, Poznań
😋 TU. (Bib Gourmand) - Grunwaldzka Street 34A, 60-768 Poznan


Other recommendations:
🍽 62 bar & restaurant - ul. Świętego Michała 62, 61-005 Poznań
🍽 A nóż widelec - ul. Czechosłowacka 133, 61-425 Poznań
🍽 Delicja - Pl. Wolności 5, Poznań
🍽 Nooks - ul. Poplińskich 1, 61-573 Poznań
🍽 Papavero - 3 Maja 46, 61-728 Poznań
🍽 SPOT - 3 Maja 46, 61-728 Poznań
🍽 The Time - Młyńska 12 Street, Poznań
🍽 Zen On - Ratajczaka 25, 61-814 Poznań


Stars are the highest distinction awarded by the French culinary guide Michelin. One star indicates a very good restaurant in its category ("Une très bonne table dans sa catégorie").
Bib Gourmand is a distinction that has been awarded since 1997, signifying an exceptionally good food at moderate prices.
The distinction, however, is already an entry in the guide itself. The designated establishments are 'on Michelin's radar' and have a chance of receiving stars in the future.

Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020