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Veggie Poznań

According to some legends, back in the Middle Ages – Poland’s first king Bolesław Chrobry would punish his folk by knocking out their teeth if they dared to eat meat during the obligatory fasting times.

Nowadays more and more people decide not to eat meat out of their own free will. There are different kinds of vegetarians, depending on what they eat.


To meet their needs many restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan dishes. Also there are quite a few restaurants that decide to go 100% green, below you will find a list of such restaurants and bar – many of which furthermore offer interesting specialties for those intolerant to lactose or gluten.

Places to have a veggie burger.

Let’s start out with a few places that are considered to be vegan restaurants/ bar – places where also such products like cow, goat milk or cheese as well as eggs will not “walk” through the front door. No animal byproducts are used.


The first place that fits the description above worth mentioning is bistro Kwadrat at ul. Woźnej 18, serving modern vegetarian cuisine. The place is additionally known for its superb cakes and pies.


Jeżyce i Łazarz go vegen!

One of the more popular places to visit is Wypas, located at Jeżyce – a part of town which is becoming more and more hip. Wypas is a 100% vegan restaurant/bar where the menu changes daily – its owners pride themselves in using only healthy and pure products that have not been modified genetically. They say it is their goal and “mission in life” to break rules and traditional eating habits of Poles – encouraging them to try to live a more healthy lifestyle.


Yet another cool place, that is known for not only for their vegetarian dishes but also specializes in Ayurveda cuisine is Pracownia Cafe located at Woźna street 17. An interesting fact that many might not know about is that about 40% of people living in India are vegetarian so no wonder that they’re good at cooking up veggie dishes and are excellent at veggie recipes – these are exactly the tastes and flavors that inspire the chefs at Pracownia Café.


If you’re into Indian cuisine go ahead and check out Radhe Vega at  Głogowska 86 – 100% vegetarian, 100% Indian, 100% delish.


For the vegetarian on a budget.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly bar that offers a vegetarian menu try the Green Way chain of bistros – three of which are located in the city center.

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