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Something sweet about Poznań

Who among us does not look back fondly at the carefree years of our childhoods? Now, thanks to the new trend of handmade candy manufacturing in Poznań, both residents and tourists have a unique opportunity to taste the sweet flavors of their childhood once again.

If you have a sweet tooth, there are a few exceptional places in Poznań which will bring a smile to your face. Handmade candy manufactories, working with all natural ingredients and in accordance with original recipes passed from generation to generation, are every candy lover’s dream come true.


Karmelkowo Manufaktura Cukierków


All sweets in Karmelkowo are handmade, and produced using naturally harvested fruit and vegetable aromas and colorants. The production process has been based on the traditional French Manufacture, where the caramel production process has been developed as early as the 12th century.

During shows and workshops, children can closely follow the processes of creating and forming sweets. There is also a small cafe and an interactive kiddie playground.



Słodkie Czary Mary


Everyone with a sweet tooth will feel right at home here, and instantly remember the sweet flavors of their childhood. All sweets in Słodkie Czary Mary are created following traditional confectionary recipes and, during the demonstrations, the visitors can observe the hand-production of candies and lollipops through pulling, twisting and hand-shaping of the hot caramel base. Visitors can also try their hand at being a confectioner and create their own lollipop in the shape of their own choosing.


Słodka Cytrynka Poznańska Manufaktura Zdrowych Cukierków


All sweets are handmade, using natural products and following an original recipe, passed from generation to generation. The owners of “Słodka Cytrynka” (EN “a sweet lemon”) have come across their great-grandmother’s old recipe book, which gave the beginning to the family candy-making business it is today.

During their open production demonstrations and workshops, all candy lovers can find out first hand how sweets are made, and the little ones can even make their own lollipops in their favorite shape.






written by Marta Stawińska
translated by Kaja Kurczewska
photo by Jakub Pindych

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