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Nifty no 20 at PURO Hotel

Nifty no 20 is a restaurant in the newly established PURO Hotel at the corner of Stawna and Żydowska in Poznań (Stawna 12). Both the hotel and the restaurant have officially been opened, and the first patrons are pleased to find a four-star quality in the vicinity of Stary Rynek. A walk from the PURO doorstep to the market square is no more than 2 minutes.

Nifty no 20 is surprisingly spacious. A centrally located bar and a commodious patio area at the back of the restaurant can fit over 200 people. Despite its impressive size, Nifty still feels like an cozy, casual place for everyone to feel at ease.



Jakub Ignyś - the chef at Nifty no 20 - describes his menu as European. On it, you will find the restaurant standards with a designer twist - prawns, fish, quality meats - everything you expect from a good restaurant. Nifty, in Jakub’s own words, is to be a place which blends into the city space, not just with its architecture, but also its atmosphere. The casual feeling is to invite patrons to drop by at any time, for any reason - if only for a morning coffee or a slice of pie.


Jakub Ignyś -  the chef at Nifty no 20


Jakub’s energy and style of work guarantee many pleasant surprises, so one thing is certain - Nifty no 20 is worth revisiting time and time again, not just at important occasions. See you at PURO!



Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020