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Nifty no 20 - simplicity and taste

Nifty no 20 has only one aim - the food must be simple and tasty. Polish and European classics, served by Chef Jakub Ignyś, surprise with their extreme simplicity and their intense taste and aroma.


What should you wear when visiting Nifty no 20? A well-worn shirt, trainers and torn, comfy jeans will be great. PURO hotel’s restaurant policy is informal atmosphere and no rigid rules. Relaxed service, mismatched plates and boardgames on the tables let you feel like you are visiting old friends when you drop by Nifty.


The casual style of Nifty is not just a pledge - it is a reality. When asked about the menu, the chef will sit at the table, smile and ask his patrons their opinions while sipping rosewater. To answer our question about his culinary inspiration he explains - it is to be international, tasty and without any unnecessary frills. On the menu there are fish, steaks, burgers or the famous British fish and chips. The idea of Nifty offering familiar tastes which we know and love from our own childhood backyard came about so the patrons can really make themselves at home here.


Plum marmalade funnel cake


There is always room in the menu and on the plates for local touches and seasonal flavors. Pumpkin soup, wild mushroom risotto, boar chop or plum marmalade funnel cake are just some of the examples of exquisite Polish representation on Nifty’s interesting menu selection.


Apart from the menu, the restaurant also offers a separate lunch menu, available at a special price as well as buffet breakfasts.


Jakub Ignyś (on the left) with his team - "Nifty no 20" restaurant



"Nifty no 20" - PURO hotel
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