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Where to eat ice cream in Poznan

A small window in Kościelna serving traditional ice cream was one of the first places where you'd find confectionery craft and some of the longest queues known to man in Poznań. The sudden comeback of ice cream continues, and those with a sweet tooth happily share their go-to places. In almost every part of town there are at least a few parlours serving ice cream, sorbets and many other cooling delicacies, bringing much needed relief from the heat. Many of these parlours, including even the smallest among them, offer outdoor and indoor seats and deck chairs in which the ice cream afficionados can float away into the sweet nothingness. Below are some addresses that will help you start your own search and calibrate the viewfinder. Below you'll find a few of these go-to's which will get you started on your own journey and calibrate your ice cream finder.


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