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The best restaurants in and around Poznań’s Old Market Square

Since time immemorial, Poznań’s Old Market Square (Stary Rynek) and its immediate surrounding area have been the beating heart of the city in terms of tourism and gastronomy. Today, even though many recommendable restaurants are scattered all over the city, Stary Rynek is still the it-point no visit to Poznań is complete without. What to do when hunger strikes? Have no fear! If you just close your eyes and walk straight ahead, you are sure to find SOME restaurant. If however you are not one for experimentation and you would like our support in the matter of your culinary needs, look no further. The list below will definitely make your life much, much easier.

There are at least a few dozen various restaurants in and around Poznań’s Old Market Square. When spoilt for choice, the decision truly is difficult. This is why our little cheat-sheet is as easy and simple as possible, divided into handy categories which will let you match the choice exactly to your needs. Now, of course, this is just a mere fragment of the interesting and recommendable things Stary Rynek has to offer and we encourage you to go out exploring on your own and discover other places which do not appear on our list. And let us know - maybe we can add them the next time we update it.


For breakfast:

  • Lawenda - omelettes, sandwiches and good coffee.

  • Gramofon Creperie and Pancake House - ask about breakfast offers with coffee included!

  • Republika róż - THE spot for a business breakfast.


Regional cuisine:

  • Bamberka - a cozy restaurant with the Bamber history in the background.

  • Bulwar - Polish cuisine with a modern, casual twist.

  • Pastella - Polish traditions with hint of slow food.

  • Pod Niebieniem - European and Polish cuisine.

  • Ratuszowa - the perfect spot for important events and business meetings.


Intimately for lunch, coffee and cake:

  • Cocorico - best duck in Poznań 2017!

  • Różove - a shade of pink for the little and not-so-little women.

  • Szarlotta bistro - exceptional quality and taste at reasonable prices.

  • Weranda - a unique, fairytale and intimate interiors. Look into the sky!


Family friendly:

  • Bar-a-boo - great pizza served in spacious, newly restored cellars.

  • Czerwone sombrero - a Mexican adventure bursting with color- and it is not all spicy!

  • DOMU - best fish and chips in town (and many more).


For the student:

  • Avanti - home-made pastas and casseroles.

  • Pierożak - fresh pierogi by the piece, with various fillings.

  • U dziadka - it is worth to queue for the best pork chops in town.


Gastro pubs and more:

  • Basilium - dozens of beers with a paired menu.

  • Brovaria - a spacious beer hall with own brewery; an impressive restaurant.

  • Kriek - Belgian beers, chips and best pulled pork in town. Ask about the shoe basket!


Food and wine:

  • Dobra i Wino - modern interiors, great tapas-style food and a noble mission.

  • La Rambla Nova - food and wine with Spain in the background

  • Pika Pika tapas bar y vino - Spanish, English and a wee bit of Polish spoken here.  


Casual elegance:

  • Bazar 1838 - bistro-style food in historical interiors.

  • Eatalia - tasty Italian with a Polish twist. Check out the ceiling!

  • MOMO - THE place for fish and seafood!

  • Nifty no. 20 - modern, simple, Scandinavian. A lovely terrace!


With an Oriental twist:

  • Meh - intimate, designer, charming with an individual approach.

  • Tasaky - modern, trendy with a unique interior and parking facilities.

  • Umami Sushi - warm and cold Korean dishes.

  • Why Thai - Warsaw’s own popular chain, warmly welcomed in Poznań.


With a toe-tap:

  • Bee Jays - surprisingly great quality food offer.

  • Dragon - never sleeps, feeds really well. Eat upstairs!

  • Tequilarnia - Santa Muerte, tacos, tequila and body-painted chicas (sometimes).

  • Whiskey In The Jar - steaks, burgers, bikes and live music.




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