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City lunch

A city lunch spot can be characterised in a few words - tasty food, quick service and reasonable prices. Here are a few establishments which make these words their motto. The love of food and the city results in a mix which makes the lunch spots stand out among other locales. Let the appearance of specialist lunch spots apart from restaurants offering lunch menus be the testament to how popular eating lunch “out” has become.

Restauracja Sarbinowska

ul. Obodrzycka 63, 61-249 Poznań
www.sarbinowska.pl | tel.: +48 538 007 077


This is almost a year since we can enjoy the existence of the Sarbinowska restaurant. Eleven months was enough to gain fans and get to the pages of the "yellow guide". The spacious, interestingly decorated premises are located near the Starołęka roundabout. Slightly tucked behind a gas station, it escaped the attention of many gourmets. A short menu by the well-known and well-liked chef Grzegorz Filozof does not require any recomendation. Drop in here for lunch, breakfast or invite friends to spend the evening with live music. The restaurant has its own, free parking. It is the perfect place to meet in a larger group and break during a full day of duties.


Słodka & Ostra

ul. Sienkiewicza 20, Poznań
Facebook: Słodka & Ostra | tel.: +48 502 415 918


Słodka & Ostra is a complete novelty. The restaurant was erected on Jeżyce, vis-à-vis the old tram depot at ul. Gajowa. In the tab on the "specific" side, pasta, while the offer is complemented by a large selection of cakes, cakes and desserts of their own production. Everything is tasty, and the sweets presented in the glass site are tempting from the entrance. Sweet & Spicy remained on the market and is doing well. It is a valued and liked place. The beginning of 2018 is associated with the opening of an additional room for closed events and banquets.



ul. Taczaka 24, Poznań
www.facebook.com/mamasitasrestauracja| tel.: +48 61 225 77 55


Mamasitas is Tex Mex pure - their dishes perfectly combine the flavors of the US and Mexico. On the extensive menu there are such delicacies as chicken smoked in natural smoke, with a hearty pinch of fresh corriander. Mamasitas also make their tortillas on the spot. The dishes on the menu are all marked 1-4, depending on their level of spicy. Spice lovers, make a note - number 4 will send you on a highway straight to jalapeño heaven.


Cyryl - Lunch Coffee Wine

ul. Libelta 1, Poznań
www.facebook.com/CyrylBar | tel.: +48 501 505 991


Cyril is a light kitchen, efficient service and reasonable prices. The menu includes soups, sandwiches, pasta and salads. In addition to the regular menu, Cyryl invites you to a daily, two-course lunch set at a special price. The offer also includes desserts, coffees, teas and wines sold by the glass. During high season, meals can be enjoyed at a small outdoor table. A characteristic feature of the Cyrillic kitchen is a large amount of spices and openness to experimental combinations. The restaurant remains a nice, casual place with cordial service. The climate and personal approach to the guests invariably deserves a recommendation.



Shrimp House

Aleje Marcinkowskiego 16, 61-827 Poznań

www.facebook.com/shrimphousepoznan | tel.: +48 500 344 404


Only the best can afford a narrow specialization. Shrimp House, as the name suggests, set its focus on shrimp. We have only a few shrimp dishes to choose from, each one prepared in a slightly different style. "Less is more" and this is the case with Shrimp House. It's a well-thought-out concept, a mature project and a stable, solid, gastronomic job. The effect is perfect. We answer Shrimp House without any hesitation!



ul. Górna Wilda 74, Poznań
www.facebook.com/startrestauracja | tel.: +48 571 253 488


Wilda is one of the districts of Poznań. Like Jeżyce, it has been shabby and infamous years ago, changing from year to year. There are more and more places that revive the neighborhood and for which it is worth to go somewhere other than just to the center. The start adds its five cents to the attractiveness of Wilda, offering tasty, modern and simple urban cuisine. The menu card is literally several items. The dishes based on pearl barley are well-known and it is good for them to come for the first time. In the menu you will always find a minimum of one vege proposal. If you want to feel the atmosphere of the city and escape for a moment from the very center, it is worth investing 10 minutes of your time to get to Wilda district.


Świetlica (Centrum Kultury Zamek, II piętro)

ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, Poznań
www.swietlica.eu | tel.: +48 501 442 743


The Poznań Castle built a hundred years ago for Wilhelm II, the emperor of Germany, hides a culinary surprise. On the second floor, in the center of the restored part of the Castle, there is a café Świetlica. You can eat here sandwiches, soups or salads, but you can just drop in for a cup of coffee with a biscuit. Thanks to glazed roofs, you can look at the sky, waiting for a concert or performance.


Karafka Bistro & Cafe Poznań

ul. Niezłomnych 2, Poznań
www.facebook.com/karafkapoznan | www.  tel.: +48 533 997 303


The carafe has stood the test of time and settled in Poznan for good. Soups, burgers, dumplings and pancakes served here seem to be addressed mainly to a large student brother in this area. The restaurant has a large surface, and each of the four parts is decorated in a different style. This is an effective treatment that has interestingly changed the space difficult to arrange. The restaurant got to know the needs of its customers, so the menu featured some interesting main dishes in the section called Buddha Bowls. It's a good idea and tasty dishes. We recommend!


Yeżyce Kuchnia

ul. Szamarzewskiego 17, 60-514 Poznań
www.yezycekuchnia.pl | tel.: +48 61 663 05 06


In the popular premises, healthy Polish cuisine awaits us, based on seasonal products from local farms and from small and independent producers. The menu where you will always find a few vege items, perfectly suited for lunch and informal dinners. The restaurant also serves trendy recently breakfasts. Yeżyce Kuchnia is one of the restaurants that is strongly associated with the hipster face of the Poznań district of Jeżyce. It is also one of the most popular places in this area. The style of the kitchen and interior design found in Poznań several followers. The premises in 2017 underwent a small facelift. He has not lost character and looks great!


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  • Mamasitas - ul. Taczaka 24, Poznań
  • Papierówka - ul. Zielona 8, Poznań
  • Meh - ul. Woźna 17, Poznań
  • Tequilarnia - Stary Rynek 56, Poznań
  • Tośka Cantine (na tyłach Teatru Wielkiego / Opery) - ul. Fredry 9, Poznań
  • U Rzeźników - ul. Kościuszki 69, Poznań
  • Whiskey in the Jar - Stary Rynek 100, Poznań
  • Yuzu - ul. Roosevelta 22, Poznań
  • Zielona Weranda - ul. Ignacego Paderewskiego 7, Poznań


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