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Mamasitas - spicy Tex Mex in the heart of Poznań

Tex-Mex is a mix of culinary traditions of the Southern US and Mexico. What is it like? Colorful, intense and hot as hell!



Mamasitas is a newcomer to the Poznań culinary market. It has only opened in September of this year, and its arrival has added a new hint of spice to the melting pot that is Taczaka street.


The cuisine served here is Tex-Mex - an explosive mixture from where Southern US meets Mexico. If during your visit you get the sudden urge to sneeze and tears come to your eyes, it means someone just ordered a “three” (PL “trójka”). Dishes here are ranked on four levels of spiciness, and “trójka” is a special treat for the adults and the lovers of the hot - its preparation actually requires the whole establishment to be aired out.



An open plan kitchen allows to sneak a peek at the chefs at work. One of the things worth noticing is the stove for baking corn breads, allowing the flagship tortillas and burritos to be tasty and freshly baked according to an original, secret recipe.


The two distinctive flavors of Mamasitas are fresh coriander and real smoked chicken, prepared on a special mix  of wood chips. Both flavors are intense, original and worth the visit to Poznań’s Tex-Mex embassy.



The extensive menu holds many tasty tidbits worth trying and hearing about. The friendly staff will gladly suggest the best start to your Mamasitas culinary adventures. Do not let the comprehensive knowledge of this remote part of the world surprise you. The restaurant owner is American, born and raised in the Tex-Mex area. What to us is an exotic journey is simply home cooking for our host.

Check out the full menu:


ul. Taczaka 24,  61-819 Poznań
www.facebook.com/mamasitasrestauracja | tel.: +48 61 225 77 55




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