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Lunch, coffee i dessert at Cocorico

Cocorico Restaurant is one of Poznań’s oldest and most recognizable places. Remaining in the same owners’ hands since 1999, it has nurtured tradition and has developed a special bond with its regulars. What we would like you to try at Cocorico today are their lunch offer, their unworldly delicious desserts and a glass of vino enjoyed in their lovely outside garden area.


The restaurant is located in Świętosławska Street, a charming little street connecting the Old Market Square with the Poznań Parish Church. This information is of course aimed at non-residents, as Poznanians know their way to Cocorico very well.

If you are looking for a reason to visit Cocorico, your first order of business should absolutely be their meringue ice cream cake or their signature cheesecake. Why, you ask? These desserts are a family tradition, as well as a meticulously nurtured and well-kept secret for nearly 20 years. It is worth mentioning that Cocorico used to be only a cafe, and became a restaurant 10 years ago.



Cocorico offers two rooms - for 24 and 35 people. Their outside garden fits 24.



The always tasty and popular desserts attract generations of homemade sweets enthusiasts. Where there is dessert, there is coffee, and where there is coffee, there is also a little bit of gossip, and the atmosphere of the restaurants definitely favours all three. Two separate rooms as well as a unique summer outside garden area are at the guests’ disposal. Each room can be entered independently, which gives the impression of them being two independent locales. One of the rooms is a white, modern space, bringing to mind an atmosphere of a city lunch; the other has a whiff of old-timey elegance. There is also the aforementioned summer garden, which could very well be the set for another rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” - there is magic in the air.



Let us go back to the food, however. Cocorico is mostly breakfasts and lunches. The former are served from 10am and available all day long. The restaurant serves European cuisine with little Polish and regional touches. Our breakfast recommendations is the croque monsieur, or the famous French fried sandwich. For lunch, or dinner - do try the duck! Cocorico could very well compete for the title of the restaurant serving the best duck in all of Poznań!



Looking for accommodation near Poznań’s Old Market Square? Cocorico offers a 4 person apartment for rent.


What about a special offer? Of course - a weekend lunch at Cocorico is a three-course menu served on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 and 5pm, priced at 30-35 PLN. The menu consists of a soup, a main and a dessert. The current offer can be seen on Cocorico’s Facebook profile or on the swing sign outside the restaurant.

Remember - it is always you who award your favorite restaurants - you decide if our opinion of Cocorico is right by coming by and trying Cocorico’s food.

Bon appetit!


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