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LoveLas Kawa i Lody (Tuczno)

LoveLas Kawa i Lody
Leśna 2, 62-010 Tuczno
tel: +48 660 783 536


#POIgastro #BackAfterCovid #kawa&slodkie #lody2022 #naspacer #gastroOkolicePoznania #gastroINSTA #gastroWidok #ogrodki2022

Great cafe surrounded by forests and lakes. A perfect place for a bike trip and a walk. It is easy to park in the neighborhood. The offer includes tarts, homemade pastries and a very decent coffee from an espresso machine. There are tables, sun loungers and even a hammock around the cafe. It is so nice and lazy that it is hard to make your way back home.



Poznań in Bocuse d'Or 2020