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Regional cuisine

Regional cuisine leaves a great deal of room for interpretation - for some, it is a true calling and a mission of sorts; for others, it is mainly a source of inspiration or even fun. It is with great curiosity that we discover both the places who meticulously cultivate culinary traditions, and those who loosely base their creations on it. Luckily for Poznań, there are enough ideas for the presentation of our culinary heritage for everyone to find something for themselves.

A nóż widelec

ul. Czechosłowacka 133, Poznań
www.anozwidelec.com | tel.: +48 61 832 91 78


A nóż widelec offers designer Polish cuisine. Michał Kuter, chef and owner in one, has managed to bring a very daring project to life. He created a popular and reputable space away from the city center, praised for its ambitious offer and tasty food. Winner of many awards in 2015, Michał Kuter is one of the brighterst stars of Poznań’s hospitality. If culinary inspriation is what brought you to Poznań, you have just found an absolute must on your list.


Kuchnia Wandy

ul. Święty Marcin 76, Poznań
lokal posiada profil na FB | tel: +48 531 318 399


Kuchnia Wandy is one of 2017’s most successful premieres. After merely 12 months in operation, the establishment has gone down in its clientele’s memory as a spot with great food, nice service and impressive interior design. On the menu there are traditional Old Polish cuisine dishes in completely new versions - or so chef Łukasz Tomaszewski describes them. It is really tasty. Kuchnia Wandy has managed to find the balance between being easy going and elegant and to maintain the quality presented in the first few opening weeks. The chef’s hat, awarded by the Gault&Millau culinary guide can serve as the best proof of the guests’ and critics’ approval. Kuchnia Wandy also serves yummy breakfasts and has a sizeable selection of wines on offer. 


Modra - autorska kuchnia ludowa

ul. Mickiewicza 18 lok. 2, Poznań
www.modrakuchnia.com | tel.: +48 730 223 387


Modra serves dishes prepared in accordance with designer recipes, inspired by Polish and Wielkopolska regional cuisine traditions. On their short menu there are soups, mains and homemade pies. All is done with style and with none of the unnecessary fanciness. Dishes are plated in a simple and yet eye-catching way, corresponding with the spare interior design and uncomplicated menu. This is one of Jeżyce district’s true gems, run by a married couple who cook and serve their patrons themselves.





ul. Mickiewicza 9, Poznań
www.oskoma.pl | +48 728 416 335


Oskoma debuted in Poznań’s Jeżyce district in the fall of 2015. Chef Adam Adamczak is a finalist of the Polish edition of TOP CHEF and the prize-winner of the Polish edition of the prestigious French culinary guide (Gault & Millau). Oskoma offers Polish cuisine in a modern, designer version, with small, tangential exotic touches. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of a historic town house. The interior design is compelling and corresponds very well with the modern and elegant style of chef Adam’s cuisine. The very same buidling also houses rental apartments which makes it the perfect starting point for any tourist visiting Poznań.



ul. Rynek Śródecki 17, Poznań
www. www.hycka.pl | tel.: +48 535 045 035


Poznań’s district of Śródka has been transforming from a dark and slightly forgotten part of town into a boutique district with a unique atmosphere. This area has been brought back to life mainly thanks to its many restaurants and cafes. One of them is the charming and regional Hyćka. Szagówki (potato dumplings), czernina (duck blood soup, said to be the best in town) or duck are the Poznań classics Hyćka offers in tribute to the region’s culinary traditions. The restaurant itself, despite its unassuming entrance, is surprisingly large. In its three rooms, it can host up to 60 people. Hyćka also organizes concerts and theater performances.


Restauracja – Galeria Tumska

ul. Ostrów Tumski 5A, Poznań
www.tumskapoznan.pl | tel.: +48 885 988 008


Restauracja Galeria Tumska is the first and only restaurant in Ostrów Tumski - the island which is also the oldest part of Poznań. The history of this place and its landmarks is over a thousand years old. In 2015, the addition of a restaurant has made this place even more open to tourists and pilgrims from all over the globe. In its rooms, laid out in two floors, mainly dishes of Polish cuisine are served. This is a friendly place for lunch and a great choice for a momentous occasions.



ul. Zielona 8, Poznań
www. facebook.com/restauracjapapierowka | tel.: +48 797 471 388


Papierówka is a family restaurant serving light regional cuisine with seasonal variations. From the first days of its existence, Papierówka has been known for serving simple and diversified and above all tasty food. All this has resulted in an honourable mention by the prestigious French culinary series, awarded to the restaurant in the fall of 2015. One of Papierówka’s many assets are its reasonable prices. In the summer season, a spacious terrace with a view of the park is at the guests’ disposal.



ul. 23 Lutego 40, Poznań

www.facebook.com/restauracja.pastela | tel.: +48 61 850 14 90


Restauracja Pastela to przede wszystkim kuchnia polska i regionalna. Ten właśnie obszar kulinarny jest najbliższy sercom właścicieli. Gotowanie jest dla nich pasją, zawodowym wyzwaniem i sposobem na życie. Jeśli wybieracie się do Pasteli to koniecznie spróbujcie schabu złotnickiego, tatara i polskich zup. Rozgościć możemy się w jednej z trzech sal lub w zielonym ogródku na tyłach restauracji.


Oberża Pod Dzwonkiem

ul. Garbary 54, Poznań
www.oberza.com.pl | tel.: +48 61 851 99 70


Oberża is known to many tourists who have visited Poznań. It is a popular and tested partner to many organizers of escorted tours, who have appreciated the taste and authenticity of the dishes served here. The restaurant offers Polish and regional cuisine prepared on the basis of designer recipes modelled after traditional formulae. For visitors, especially those from abroad, the first room of the establishment will constitute quite the attraction, as it is designed to resemble an old inn.


Pod Niebieniem

Stary Rynek 64/65, Poznań
www.pod-niebieniem.pl | tel.: +48 604 697 044


A restaurant  of Stary Rynek (Old Market Square)  serving Polish cuisine and awarded with the “Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage” sign. A colourful interior, much as its menu, effortlessly accentuates Polish, and most of all Poznanian regional delicacies. Pod Niebieniem is a great location both for lunch and a celebratory dinner. On the menu there are also vegan and vegetarian entries. In season, the restaurant offers outdoor seating in a charming garden.



ul. Wodna 24, Poznań
www.pychotki.pl | tel.: +48 61 649 75 74


Pychotki is a petite restaurant serving what is easiest to describe as home cooking, mostly of Polish cuisine, including excellent pierogi and fantastic soups. The most expensive items on the menu are not above the 30 PLN mark (around 7.50 EUR). On cooler days, it is recommendable to order a cup of black tea with a homemade confiture. The pastel colored interiors, dimmed lights and a multitude of various tchotchkes create a truly homey atmosphere. Make sure to have a chat with the owner - the true lady of the place! Pychotki became the word on the street when it received an honorable mention in Gault&Millau. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. We keep our fingers crossed - and keep a watchful eye out for Pychotki!


Salon z ogrodem

ul. Limanowskiego 5, Poznań

www.facebook.com/salonzogrodem | tel.: +48 730 975 263


Salon z ogrodem is a restaurant with home cooking. On the menu there are the Polish classics - herring, pierogi, duck or blood soup. Everything is fresh, tasty and seasonal. Located in the Łazarz district of Poznań, the establishment mostly caters to its regulars who, valuing the restaurant’s offer, come back here again and again. The reasonable prices and the attractive lunch menu encourage frequent and regular visits. The name (“A living room with a garden”) reveals one of the restaurant’s biggest assets - its beautiful summer garden. On warmer days, you can find an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It has received a recommendation from the “Yellow Guidebook” for 2018.



Vine Bridge New Polish Cuisine

ul. Ostrówek 6, Poznań
www.vinebridge.pl | tel.: +48 61 875 09 34


Although after its expansion, Vine Bridge is no longer the title holder of Poland’s smallest restaurant, but on the plus side - it is now able to host a lot more visitors at once. Vine Bridge is the return to recipes from the olden days and dishes eaten for generations - buckwheat, breads, meats, fish and forest fruit, served in clay, on stone and wood, in relation to the historic character of the neighbouring island of Ostrów Tumski. Due to its unique character and size, we suggest booking in advance.


Other interesting places can be found at www.regionalna.poznan.travel

  • 3 kolory Malta - Wiankowa 3, 61-131 Poznań
  • A nóż widelec - ul. Czechosłowacka 133, Poznań
  • Bamberka - Stary Rynek 2, Poznań
  • Bar Metka - ul. Zeylanda 3/12, Poznań
  • BulwaR (dawniej Le Palais du Jardin) - Stary Rynek 37, Poznań
  • Chatka Babuni - ul. Wrocławska 18, Poznań
  • Chłopskie Jadło - ul. Fredry 12, Poznań
  • Hacjenda - ul. Morasko 38, Poznań
  • Hyćka - ul. Rynek Śródecki 17, Poznań
  • Modra - autorska kuchnia ludowa - ul. Mickiewicza 18, Poznań
  • Oberża Pod Dzwonkiem - ul. Garbary 54, Poznań
  • Oskoma - ul. Mickiewicza 9, 60-833 Poznań
  • Papierówka - ul. Zielona 8, Poznań
  • Pastela - ul. 23 Lutego 40, Poznań 
  • Pod Niebieniem - Stary Rynek 64/65, Poznań
  • Powozownia Restauracja & Pub - ul. Lutycka 34, Poznań
  • Pychotki - ul. Wodna 24, Poznań
  • Pyra Bar - ul. Strzelecka 13, Poznań
  • Ratuszova - Stary Rynek 55, Poznań
  • Tumska (Restauracja Galeria Tumska) - ul. Ostrów Tumski 5A, Poznań
  • U Myśliwych - Libelta 37, Poznań
  • Wiejskie Jadło - Stary Rynek 77 61-768 Poznań
  • Vine Bridge New Polish Cuisine - ul. Ostrówek 6, Poznań







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