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Kombinat - Polish TAPAS in Jeżyce

Kombinat is a TAPAS BAR where bite-sized portions come at very reasonable prices. Nothing ready-made, no chemicals. Kombinat uses herbs from own glasshouse instead for artificial aromas and, in the place of fizzy drinks, produce their own lemonades. 3 PLN is all it takes to have a tasty bite, and equally as much to order a bottle of a refreshing beverage. Kombinat complements the already very interesting culinary offer of Kościelna, adding their own touch to Jeżyce’s flourishing new look.


The tapas we know from Spanish or Portuguese cuisines is on the opposite pole from typical Polish cuisine, which loves a sumptuous table, grand servings and dishes on the heavy side. Will such an idea work in combination with Polish tastes? The rich, nutritious food was necessary for our ancestors in the cooler climate. Us contemporaries want to eat lighter, more often and innovatively. A meal is no longer just a life necessity - it is also a way of spending time, a reason to go out and meet friends. Food is a window to the world, and often the only way to slow down in the everyday rush.



Kościelna has undergone a huge transformation in the last few years. The gray and sad street is now buzzing with bars, cafes and restaurants. The wide range of choices includes, and is not limited to the already iconic homemade ice-cream, an award-winning regional restaurant, and a pizza with Mozzarella di Bufala. Kombinat threw its hat in the mix with 12-15 dishes served in bite-sized portions. On the menu there is the all-time crowdpleaser pyza z karkówką (a steamed dumpling with pork neck), red wine cannelloni with cottage cheese, or chicken legs. The variety is really nice, with more and more novelties, some with the VEGA and VEGE sign, appearing on the board which serves as the menu card.



The lemonades mentioned before are a homemade product whose recipes, much like the entire concept of the restaurant, have been developed and perfected over a period of a few months as the Polish answer to the Portuguese tapas bars. The owners of Kombinat were charmed by the idea of local specialties being available in a form allowing to sample and enjoy the variety of the local cuisine. This is also the perfect answer to both a small and a large appetite.



The menu strongly utilises the Polish cuisine, but is not in any way limited by it. We experiment - say Kombinat owners. - We keep a close eye on which dishes are the most popular with our customers, and these very items stay on the menu longer. We also make sure that less popular dishes are replaced by interesting novelties.


Come and visit Kombinat - bon apetit!



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