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Jeżyce - culinary TOP 15

The culinary offer of Poznań’s Jeżyce district is known way beyond the city itself. Many of the Jeżyce-based establishments have been noticed and written about by Polish and foreign journalists, bloggers and reviewers, which made them a popular culinary brand. Four of them are restaurants mentioned in the prestigious Gault&Millau Poland culinary guide’s 2018 edition. We have had our eye on Jeżyce and have been recommending it to foodies for many years. Today we would like to give you a list of 15 places which would make an excellent starting point for your Jeżyce affair. Enjoy!


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#Błogostan #Dąbrowskiego 42 #D42 #FALLA #Kombinat #Modra Kuchnia #MUS bar&view #Oskoma #RamenYa #UNO #Winestone #Winobramie #WYPAS #Wypiekarnia #Yeżyce Kuchnia #Yattai Sushi Bar #curry


ul. Wawrzyniaka 19 (Falla, Pho Bar, Pizza Pod Lasem, Stacja Urbano)


In our little fact sheet there are 15 places where we think your culinary adventure with Jeżyce should begin. There are of course many more places worth checking out in the district. If you find the time, there is a comprehensive list of 70 Jeżyce-based restaurants, bars and cafes awaiting your visit and assessment : Jeżyce | Gdzie zjeść - www.poznan.travel


After the first very spontaneous  selection there were as many as 26 great places on our list! Way to go, Jeżyce! However, this would just be too easy. After much struggle, we brought it down 21, and then later, tortured by the fires of our own doubts - further down to 15. This was so hard that be basically disagreed with ourselves! Is the final list any good? It sucks! It lacks many fantastic establishments - but hey, that is Jeżyce for you. There is no way to compress, shorten and disguise all this culinary richness. However, in spite of it all, we wish you happy and tasty discovering during your culinary journeys! Let’s hope they are as frequent as possible.






Błogostan is a completely unique spot in terms of a family outing, especially ones small kids are a part of. Here the little guests have not only been acknowledged, but even honored equally with the grownups. Błogostan has stepped far outside the usual box of the blue IKEA table and a pack of broken crayons (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?). Here, kids have their own table, and even their own kiddie room and are accepted without groans and eyerolls. Bravo, Błogostan! On the menu there are salads, pastas and groats as well as oven baked and BBQ dishes. There is plenty to choose from. From as early as 9 am (also on Sundays!) there are also breakfasts - omelettes, pancakes and waffles. In the summer, at the back of the restaurant, there is outside seating. Another noteworthy point is their special room available for closed events.

PS. For breakfast at Kościelna, try also Zakwas and Kombinat, and further down Jeżyce in Czarne Mleko, Uno, Manekin, Zwierzyniecka 12, Oskoma or Concordia Taste. Lots to choose from!



Dąbrowskiego 42

Dąbrowskiego 42


Dąbrowskiego 42 is one of the four Jeżyce-based restaurants (alongside Avocado, Concordia Taste and Oskoma) which have been mentioned in the prestigious Gault&Millau Poland culinary guide in their 2018 edition. It is located in a renovated, three-storey wattle and daub town house. There is the restaurant floor, the banquet floor and the attic intended for workshops. On the menu there is the slightly conservative but also very tasty mixture of the Polish and Mediterranean cuisine. There is beef tartare, pork chops, there are pastas and prawns, even fish and chips. Dąbrowskiego is a worthy choice not just for their flavors and their atmosphere. It is an excellent choice for a meeting with a group of friends over 30. Your kids will definitely find something on the menu that they like, and your parents and aunties won’t have to feel uncomfortable sitting on palettes and eating hummus or tofu. Of course, no one will ask you to leave if you are in your 20s, but it would not be our first recommendation for this age group, unless of course you are going on a date. A spot behind one of the pillars will allow for quiet and intimate conversations over a plate of really nice food.





FALLA Hummus & Falafel Resto Bar.



Since its inception, back when it was still the size of a kiosk, Falla was a hotspot on the vegetarian map of Poznań. Today, larger in size and richer in experience, Falla remains one of the most interesting places serving vegetarian cuisine. In our humble opinion it is the absolute creme de la creme of this segment of the Poznań culinary scene. The “Hand of Fatima” is one of their most instagrammable dishes.






Inspired by its owners’ culinary trips to Portugal, Kombinat was created to be the “Polish tapas bar”. The idea stuck - small portions at reasonable prices turned out to really hit the jackpot. Kombinat’s arrival in Jeżyce has been a revival of sorts for Kościelna Street and has added a lot to its gentrification. The prices continue to be friendly and the food is still delicious. Try a homemade lemonade with your meal!

PS. For more great tapas, though in different style and at a slightly higher price point, try WinoBramie and El Calmar. The latter is a small Spanish embassy of sorts, and the former is a wine bar with a long list of wines by the glass and excellent quality cuisine.



Modra Kuchnia

Modra Kuchnia


Modra Kuchnia  was established nearly four years ago (between 2014 and 2015) and from its first opening weeks has become a favorite both among the locals and the bloggers, foodies and tourists. Run by a lovely couple who cook, serve and charm their guests in person, it has managed to create its unique atmosphere. The menu is short, with just a few dishes, among them the now famous duck and “kulebiak” (a sour cabbage and mushroom pie). It is fantastic, homely, regional cooking in a high quality version and at very reasonable prices.





MUS bar



The fifteenth floor of Poznań’s new Bałtyk building (at Rondo Kaponiera) offers a stunning panoramic view of the city. This view alone makes this place special, but wait! There is more - it is also an elegant restaurant and an excellent cocktail bar, which is a recipe for success on our list. The restaurant offers a set menu of well-tweaked dishes, and a paired cocktail menu to go along with it. MUS bar comes alive at night when it turns into a popular and elegant cocktail bar.








Oskoma restaurant is the realm of chef Adam Adamczak, known from the Polish edition of TOP CHEF.  It is a part of a beautifully renovated townhouse in Jeżyce at Mickiewicza St, and chef Adamczak has been its co-creator from the very start. The menu offers stunning, well-polished dishes, awarded many times in the recent years by the prestigious culinary guide, Gault&Millau. The slightly higher price point corresponds with the quality and tier of the food. If you are looking for a place for your special occasion, Oskoma is the perfect choice.



Ramen Ya


Ramen Ya


There are many interesting ramen, pho or udon places in Jeżyce - ZenOn or Pho Bar to name only a few. Ramen Ya appears on our list after many internal struggles due to their unique, street food-like atmosphere. Although all the aforementioned places are just as worthy of a visit, the Kościelna- based spot is the most true representative of the real Jeżyce feeling (or maybe it is not… Darn! The doubts are killing us!) What is more, sitting in this rather tight, steamy restaurant is the perfect opportunity to make new friends. ;)






Uno (formerly Uno Espresso) is a slow grower. Known for years for its excellent coffee, it has now added great breakfasts to its offer. In our opinion, their breakfasts are the definite top 5 of Poznań’s best brekky spots. Located at Prusa St., it is rather off the beaten track of walking around Jeżyce. But, if you have managed to find it, you either live in Prusa or you listen to good recommendations (wink, wink - see what we did here?). Uno’s goat’s cheese omelettes are simply indescribable! It is of course also the coffee, which should actually have been mentioned first, as we see Uno as one of the top players in Poznań’s coffee scene.

PS. To speak of Jeżyce’s coffee scene without mentioning Uno is much like to speak of Jeżyce and not mention Brisman Bar Kawowy (Mickiewicza 20). If you are seeking coffee experiences, make sure to check out both these spots. These are by far not the only great coffee places in Jeżyce, but we will tell you all about them another time.



WineStone (Hotel Mercure)



A hotel restaurant in a Jeżyce top list? That would be a definite and well thought-out “yep” from us. Winestone, located in a freshly renovated part of Mercure hotel has its own unique atmosphere, as well as a very tasty and consistently stable culinary offer. Winestone’s most important and noteworthy highlight is its opening hours. It is the only place in the area  (apart from the 24h “Roti”) where you can eat past midnight. When the district falls asleep, Winestone continues to serve food and drinks. Definitely check out the wine price list! A bottle of Prosecco for 7 EUR? In Winestone, it is possible. About the food - try the beef tartare!

PS. It is also worth to remember that hotel Mercure’s own bakery is the home of one of Poznań’s tastiest St Martin’s croissants.








WinoBramie od chwili otwarcia oferuje szeroki wybór win z całego świata. Wina dostępne są na wynos, można je wypić także na miejscu. Wszystkie trunki w cenie do 100 zł za butelkę dostępne są również na kieliszki. W listopada 2017 roku WinoBramie zdecydowało się uruchomić kuchnię. W karcie znalazły się zimne i ciepłe dania w stylu tapas. Ciekawostką jest to, że szef kuchni postawił na dania polskie w nowoczesnym wydaniu, sięgając m.in. po odchodzące w niepamięć podroby. To czego mieliśmy okazję spróbować było doskonałe!

Since its opening, WinoBramie offers a wide selection of wines from all over the world. Wines are available to take away, you can also drink them on the spot. All wines priced up to PLN 100 per bottle are also available by the glass. In November 2017 WinoBramie decided to open a kitchen. The menu includes tapas style cold and warm dishes. An interesting fact is that the chef put the focus on Polish dishes with a modern twist, featuring some mostly forgotten foods like giblets. What we had the opportunity to try was excellent!


P.s.You can also spend an evening over a nice glass of wine at El Calmar or at Concordia Taste or WineStone. Also check out Smak & Łyk.



Wypas (100% vegan lunch & catering)  



Wypas is a popular and valued, spot present on Jeżyce for many years. By surrounding itself with a group of friends and loyal customers, Wypas created a small community of returning customers. The ever-changing menu draws from oriental inspiration, but the menu also features excellent Polish pierogi. All dishes have detailed descriptions, and all menu-related questions for the conscious eaters are very well answered. To us, the fact that even non-vegans enjoy the food served here are a truly amazing achievement and expression of Wypas’s exceptional professionalism. It's healthy, tasty and very nice!






Wypiekarnia nas zaskoczyła. Wytrwała na trudnym rynku gastronomicznym i konsekwentnie trzyma poziom. Serwowane na miejscu i na wynos słodkości są smaczne, świeże i pięknie wyglądają. Niewielka przestrzeń kawiarni na ulicy Kościelnej tworzy mały azyl, idealny na samotne chwilę z kawą i książką czy na spotkanie z przyjaciółką. Na Jeżycach sporo jest miejsc, w których można spędzić czas przy kawie i słodkim, tym trudniej było nam wybrać miejsce w jakiś sposób wyjątkowe. Wypiekarnia - tak trzymać!

Wypiekarnia surprised us with its perseverance in the difficult culinary market and its consistent high quality. Served on-site and to take away, the sweets are tasty, fresh and look stunning. This petite spot on Kościelna Street creates a small sanctuary, perfect for a moment of me-time with coffee and a book or for a meeting with a friend. Jeżyce has many places to choose from for a coffee and pastry, so the choice of a place which is unique in a way was not an easy one at all. Wypiekarnia - keep up the good work!


P.S.  If you are on the lookout for a vegan patisserie, be sure to to pop in to Kafej (Wawrzyniaka 20), a mere 5 minutes walk from Wypiekarnia. Another few steps away, in Słowackiego, there is Wypiek - we highly recommend you try them as well.



Yeżyce Kuchnia


Yeżyce Kuchnia


Yeżyce Kuchnia is a pioneer of this part of town. Jeżyce district’s culinary fame is largely owing to the efforts of this place. It has seen the good and the bad, which is normal in this business. Today, it is strong and definitely worth recommending. Having been actively part of building Jeżyce’s culinary space, it is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is also an excellent choice for a meeting with friends that will appreciate fine food, and the unmistakable Jeżyce vibe. A recent renovation was the kiss of new life for Yeżyce Kuchnia, and the result was deserving not only of praise from the clientele but also of a professional designer jury award.

PS. Not many people remember that Jeżyce’s “hipster fame” began with this place, among a few others, and its initial interior design was an inspiration to many others which came after it.



Yattai Sushi Bar Jeżyce

Yattai Sushi Bar


There are so many sushi bars in Poznań, it is dizzying! It is becoming more and more difficult to fish out (wink, wink) the ones which had not drifted towards cheap produce and absurd price stunts. Yattai Sushi Bar is one of the select few which have stayed true to the Japanese philosophy of sushi and deserve much praise. The Jeżyce spot is the brand’s second Poznań location (the first is in Galeria Malwowa). Yattai has dared to open a place in Szamarzewskiego in spite of the close proximity of a very strong competitor - Yuzu in the Bałtyk courtyard. Well, now that Yuzu is gone, and hopefully Yattai, thanks to the abundance of clientele, remains in Jeżyce for many years to come. Good luck, Yattai! Keep the bar high!







Curry-mary in Szamarzewskiego offers dishes from India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. This cool looking place, well suited to the atmosphere of the district, has appeared with an interesting idea for a complement to Jeżyce’s already quite diverse offer. We enjoyed it there very much and we can honestly recommend you give it a go. After a few visits we are certains that Curry-mary’s power is in the specialisation - the narrower, the better. We send prayers to all the Thai gods and goddesses for the menu not to change in the future. The day it becomes more “universal” is truly the beginning of the end. We hope it isn’t so. Good luck, Curry-mary!

PS. For more flavors of the Orient, check out Spice House (Kraszewskiego) and FALLA (Wawrzyniaka).







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