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Horn of plenty - the new face of restaurant EGOIST

Since its inception, EGOIST restaurant in the City Park/Stare Koszary complex has been a source of interest and slight awe. Elegant, impressive, a bit eccentric and definitely stirring emotion, while simultaneously giving out the “wear your feather boa and patent leather shoes” vibe. Admittedly, its uniqueness seemed to make some guests feel uneasy as it was seen as a “grand occasion” place and most people were unlikely to just pop in for lunch. A little over a year since its opening night the time for change has come, and here it is - the new, informal and even more welcoming EGOIST - Horn of plenty with Lech Pluciński and Łukasz Tomaszewski at the helm.


The style change is the result of a meeting between the restaurant owners and the known and valued chef, Lech Pluciński, whose return to Poznań we welcomed with great joy. We always found Lech’s work very impressive, giving Poznań residents a chance to come face to face with unique, characteristic and undoubtedly designer style. But - the surprises do not stop there! The talented Łukasz Tomaszewski has taken on the position of sous-chef.



Each of the two chefs is already able to report distinctions awarded by the prestigious Gault&Millau culinary guide. Lech Pluciński has gained recognition as the chef of Figa restaurant, and Łukasz Tomaszewski as the chef of “Kuchnia Wandy”. Will this duo manage to draw positive attention to themselves before the polls close for the finale of the guide’s next edition? We for one are keeping our fingers crossed! What matters most though is that as of now, we can enjoy their excellent food at EGOIST - Horn of plenty.


What other Poznań restaurants were awarded by Gault&Millau? Read more about the latest edition here: Poznań w przewodniku Gault&Millau 2018



Adding “horn of plenty” to the restaurant’s name is Lech Pluciński’s idea. “To me, Horn of Plenty is a musical, mythological and culinary association all rolled into one. It is a symbol of variety and abundance, and such is my view of cooking. It is an endless source of inspiration. I do not close myself off to different produce. I keep searching for something new. Our menu will undergo constant changes. We will let the produce dictate which menu items will go, and what replaces them. We will replace individual items, not the whole menu and I plan 1-2 changes in a month”, says Lech Pluciński, and adds, “The menu is sophisticated but informal. We want EGOIST to be associated with ease and freedom. We tweaked the interior design a little to underline our wish to be seen as a bistro. We are definitely walking away from fine dining.”



Currently the menu consists of 7 mains and 7 spring-summer starters, with 3 desserts and 3 kids’ menu items. Mains are available starting at 39PLN, and the starters at 21PLN. Everything in tune with the idea of the horn of plenty can be found here - pasta, risotto, fish, steak tartare, duck, steaks. Per request, the kitchen can produce gluten-free and vegetarian versions of dishes, as they are not on the menu. What we see on the plate is a combination of French and Mediterranean cuisine with strong Polish accents. Examples? Tortellini stuffed with truffle oil infused blood sausage - delicious! Among the desserts, our absolute highlight is the Pavlova which, in accordance with Pluciński’s designer idea, is assembled on the plate. We consider it a must when visiting EGOIST.



EGOIST - Horn of plenty is open daily between midday and 9pm.


Colour us impressed by the EGOIST’s new twist. Do check it out - we recommend it as we wish it well and keep a mindful eye on what comes next. One thing is certain - things will be happening there! See you at EGOIST!





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