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Spanish tapas at Basilium

Basilium is one of Poznan’s first establishments offering such a wide selection of craft beers and, what is more, put its focus on the Polish beer market. In the fall of 2017, Basilium underwent a small image change which made it slightly brighter, more refreshed and cosier. The most important change though is the introduction of Spanish tapas to the restaurant’s menu. Pablo - a full-blooded Spanish chef - has taken over the kitchen with all of his passion and experience poured into the bite-sized portions of warm and cold tapas. This is the real flavour of the sunny Spain. The food is tasty, aromatic and genius in its simplicity. Soon, Basilium will also offer a selection of wines.


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Basilium does not limit its offer to just beer. There is also a wide selection of wines and beer cocktails with a fruit juice and syrup base. It is only a setting for the beer offer, but it allows to enjoy the amber brew also in the company of those who do not share our passion for beer. It is a great option for both couples and larger groups of friends. The clean and friendly interior should appeal to the ladies, and the addition of wine to the menu is the answer to a possible beer aversion. It is the perfect place for both a shy venture into the world of beer, and a serious tasting of Poland’s most interesting craft beer produce.



The restaurant is located a mere few dozen meters from the Old Market Square. In the summer season, Basilium offers an outside seating area - one of many in the neighborhood. The whole surroundings seem like a vibrant street party, including the patrons from nearby restaurants but also passers-by.


Tapas (from Spanish: tapa - cover, lid) - small snacks served alongside beverages in Spanish bars. They can be served warm or cold and assume various forms - from simple snacks to more complex mini dishes. Tapas are prepared from a wide assortment of ingredients: vegetables, meats, seafood, eggs, etc. In Basque Country, tapas are called pintxos (from the toothpicks they are served on). Source: Wikipedia



The bustling, lively atmosphere of the locale matches perfectly the style of cuisine chosen for the new season by the owner. The Spanish tapas - warm and cold snacks - are very simple but divinely delicious. This type of cuisine is mostly associated with wine, but admittedly, beer is also an excellent fit. For the lovers of a more traditional match -  good news! Word on the street is that in a few short weeks, Basilium will also offer a wider selection of wines.



In October of 2017, the locale underwent a slight image revamp. The former dark interiors, resembling a port tavern, were replaced by pastel colors and warm lighting. It looks completely different and - in our opinion at least - much, much better. The refurbishment also put in a few additional seats which comes in handy at the weekends when, with no prior reservation, a table is not easy to get. If you are planning an outing with friends, we highly recommend booking in advance.



See you at Basilium!



Woźna 21, Poznań

www.basilium.pl   |   phone no. +48 798 335 483


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