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Enjoy - Dominik Brodziak’s autumn menu

We have all come to expect extremely sophisticated and yet relatively simple compositions from chef Dominik Brodziak’s dishes. The seasonal autumn menu reflects his style of work, using typically autumn and winter flavours.



Norwegian salmon, baked beets, raspberry coulis, goat’s cheese, leaf mustard


Enjoy Restaurant is a very cozy, intimate place. Its unimposing elegance accentuates the restaurant’s high ambitions and makes every get-together special. It is also a casual place, which does not restrain or overwhelm in any way. The glazed conservatory creates an extraordinary scenery, while the colourful hallmarks liven the interior. However, there is only a brief moment or two to look around and evaluate the restaurant interior, as from the moment the food arrives, suddenly nothing else seems to matter any more.


Poultry livers,  tawny port, dried prune and apricot chutney


Chef Dominik Brodziak sees butter and salt as the two centerpieces of his cuisine. He values simplicity and perfection in execution. Just like in the best “starred” restaurants, the food is based on two- three ingredients, carefully combined and prominently featured on the plate.


The autumn menu is liver, pork neck, fish and forest fruit. It is all the goodness and tastes of autumn and winter flavours. If you had not been to Enjoy yet, do come by. We are certain you will come back again, and again, and again.


Cod fillet, crispy skin, roasted onions, green peas



he dishes are featured in the photos in their smaller servings, prepared especially for the tasting menu.


Check out Enjoy Restaurant’s full autumn menu here: Enjoy restaurant - menu jesienne 2014



Enjoy restaurant - Platinum Palace Residence
Reymonta 19, 60-791 Poznań
www.platinumpalace.pl | tel. +48 61 882 39 40 | residence@platinumpalace.p




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