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Drukarnia skład wina i chleba - the Emporium of wine and bread

In early February 2015, "DRUKARNIA Skład chleba i wina" (lit. printing house- bread and wine emporium) has opened the second establishment of the chain in Poland - in Poznań’s Podgórna street.


At the very heart of the restaurant there is a traditional bakery. Here, the bread is baked throughout the whole day, and the pastries, hot from the oven, are available from 7AM. Over 20 sorts of bread make up the culinary offer of this bakery/restaurant. Croissants, rolls, ciabattas and many more varieties of bread are served here as a side to breakfasts, lunches and even dinner dishes.



As eating breakfasts out has again become increasingly popular in Poland, Drukarnia offers a breakfast menu between 7AM and 12PM. There are 7 interesting breakfasts sets to choose from, all ranging in price between 10-12 PLN. With tea, coffee or juice included in the price, this constitutes one of the more price-friendly and attractive breakfast offers in town.


Apart from the set menu, Drukarnia also offers a lunch menu, priced at 19PLN per set, which includes a soup and a main course. The lunch menu changes every day, with a vegan lunch option on Wednesdays.


The menu includes starters, salads and mains. Smoked tofu, gingerbread herring or mules in tomatoes are just some examples of the interesting designer dishes served at Drukarnia. No worries - apart from the very exotic, there is also the traditional burgers, steaks and pork necks. The food is prepared with the aromatic addition of fresh herbs and spices, and the gourmands will definitely appreciate the considerable wine selection, most of which is also available by the glass.



The bakery also makes homemade cakes and pies. The dessert menu offers a tempting meringue pie, or the original spinach cake, with the selection changing quite often, but also including the ever popular brownie. Noteworthily, all the pastries at Drukarnia are 100% natural, prepared without the use of any artificial additives - there are no ready-made or deep-freeze products here.

The restaurant has been teeming with life from its very first days. The three dining halls and a terrace are the ideal space for art exhibitions, meetings and workshops and, at full capacity, they can fit up to 80 people. In March, Drukarnia offers a culinary photography workshop, organized in cooperation with Via Art Foundation.



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