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Domnik Brodziak - dinner at the Lake Malta shore

Dominik Brodziak is an accomplished chef, coach and culinary competition judge. He is also the Polish representative in the world’s most prestigious culinary competition, the famous French Bocuse d’Or. Chef Brodziak’s style is as recognizable as his name- the subtlety and simplicity in taste and presentation as well as incredible attention to detail make his dishes worthy of the palates of greatest gourmands. Since last year, Dominik Brodziak’s exquisite cuisine can be enjoyed while visiting Panorama restaurant in HP Park Hotel at the shore of Poznań’s Lake Malta.


Dominik Brodziak is also the kind of chef with a complete focus on his guests and his work, muted and unusually calm. His kitchen looks nothing like the pictures from well-known culinary TV reality shows, where famous chefs terrorize their staff, driving the cooks into a state of deep depression. As Brodziak himself puts it, the team spirit must be strong within his staff, they must each know their tasks, and work should be organised in such a way that each team member can do it efficiently and in relative peace. Is that even possible? This question would be better aimed at the chefs lucky enough to work with Dominik and learn from him. Many of them are now renown themselves, successfully running other acclaimed restaurants.




This short introduction tells the story of the spirit of calmness which Brodziak brings into the kitchen. The same balance, moderation and professionalism can be found on the plates at Panorama. Culinary critics, Dominik’s pupils and his regulars could probably very easily recognize the taste of his dishes and the way he plates them, and point them out among others. Is there anything in particular that makes them so special? The answer is both yes, and no. It is the understated standard of the “Michelin-league” restaurant, or one included in the ranks of the famous French “yellow guide”.




The presentation of the dishes creates the impression of an orderly mess, It is there that the aforementioned talent is first clearly visible. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that nothing about this arrangement is accidental, and that trying to replicate it would be a task doomed from the very beginning. What in our own attempt would most likely resemble unsavoury chaos, in Brodziak’s version creates an elegant and artfully stylish composition. What is more, this quality is absolutely repeatable every single time, with every single one of the chef’s dishes.   





The taste, or rather the taste and aroma of the dishes, unveils yet another layer of the magnitude of Brodziak’s skill. If an ingredient finds its way onto the plate, we can be sure to smell and taste it to the fullest. Particular ingredients do not just disappear, overwhelmed by other elements of the dish, and balanced dressings and sauces never overshadow the main stars of the show. Dominik Brodziak’s menu is, in our opinion, a reference standard of sorts.



Is this menu the one rare thing which manages the task of pleasing absolutely everyone? Mostl likely not. It is after all our individual preferences we use to decide about what we perceive sensually. Moreover, there are those so used to the intensive spices or powdered instant additives who might see and perceive this type of cuisine as too delicate, too sophisticated. Even then, do come and pay Panorama and Dominik Brodziak a visit - use it as an opportunity for a moment of calm, and the discovery of nature. Only the best among culinary wizards can afford to expose natural flavours in all their glory. Take our word for it - a lazy afternoon on the hotel terrace with a lovely view of Lake Malta, spent accompanied by one of the aforementioned dishes is a real treat. Dominik Brodziak’s cuisine has yet another advantage - its reasonable price, when taking into account the superb quality of produce and the chef’s professionalism. If only you have the rare opportunity to speak to Dominik in person, do not hesitate to ask him about the dishes on the plates in front of you.




Panorama - Hotel HP Park***
abpa A. Baraniaka 77, 61-131 Poznań
www.hotelepark.pl/hotel-poznan | tel. +48 61 87 41 100 | hppoznan@hotelepark.pl




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