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Palaces and manor houses around Poznań

Many palaces and manor houses can be found in Poznań’s neighboring areas. Many of them have survived until now by undergoing a transformation into accommodation facilities. All those wishing to feel like lords of the manor are welcome to check out our few suggestions.

Hotel-Restaurant "Castle von Treskov"

Von Treskov Castle is a historic hotel and restaurant located on Strykowskie Lake, less than 30 km from the Poznań city center. Hotel offers 14 comfortable rooms and suites vith the view on the lake. Centuries-old park (with monuments of nature) is ideal for family walks and celebrate the important moments in your life.



Address: Park 3, Strykowo koło Poznania

Website: www.treskov.pl

Będlewo Palace

Będlewo Palace is the Research and Conference Centre, a part of Mathematical Institute which belongs to the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is located 30 km south west from Poznań (2 km from Poznań-Wrocław route). Będlewo Palace was built in a neo-Gothic style in 1866. Its wings serve as a hotel and conference centre.



Address: Będlewo, Parkowa 1, 62-060 Stęszew
Website: www.palacbedlewo.pl

Dwór Wierzenica

This mansion was raised in 1842 by the Cieszkowski family. Later, it came into the possession of Edward Raczyński - Poland’s president-in-exile. The mansion offers five suites and a ballroom of more than 100 square meters. In the basement there is a cinema and a billiard room. An over 3,5 hectare park with ancient forest trees (there are two natural monuments in the park area) and a pond are also part of the manor.


Address: Wierzenica 15, 62-006 Kobylnica
Website: www.dwor-wierzenica.pl

Pałac Obrzycko

A former Raczyński family residence, and currently the Adam Mickiewicz University’s Dom Pracy Twórczej i Wypoczynku (Creative Work and Leisure House). The complex offers accommodation in the palace itself,  in the outbuildings and the hunting lodge, as well as two conference rooms. a także 2 sale konferencyjne. A beautiful park surrounds the palace, and right after it there is Puszcza Notecka (Notecka Forest).


Address: ul. Zamek 1, 64-520 Obrzycko
Website: www.palac-obrzycko.pl

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