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It’s SLOW LIFE time in Poznań

Slow life is a life that is conscious, heedful, without focusing on quick, effortless providing of pleasure. What could be bad about spending some time, relaxing at a city SPA, taking yoga or just unwinding over a nice cup of tea? Let us take you on a journey of unique experiences, just at your fingertips in and around Poznań.


The pleasure coming from a moment of relaxation and peace, time spent with friends and last, but definitely not least, the pleasure of savoring - not just good food, but simply life. This is the quintessential idea of Slow Food, the inseparable element of the Slow Life movement. Discovering tastes instead of passively taking them in - this is a new way of life.

Hugo Restaurant

ul. Wojskowa 4

Hugo Restaurant’s international cuisine is a mix of modernity and regionality of the food on offer. The composition of tastes, dishes and wine gives an exceptional culinary experience. Charming the guests with a perfect symbiosis of tastes, these delicacies are composed exclusively on the basis of fresh and natural produce. more...


Toga Restaurant

pl. Wolności 13

Toga is a place where you can experience the best traditions of Polish national cuisine. With their designer light cooking, the restaurant’s offer draws richly from the Polish courtly and bourgeois culinary tradition. You can taste such delicacies as goose, beef cheeks, sweetbread, mushrooms, blood soup, crayfish soup, fresh fish, seasonal vegetables and many salads. more...

Vine Bridge Restaurant

ul. Ostrówek 6

In Vine Bridge - one of the smallest restaurants in Poland - you can enjoy dishes based on regional produce, prepared in traditional ways with the application of innovative, modern technologies. Magnificent groats (“kasha”), breads baked using original methods, herb-seasoned meats and fish will impress even the most fastidious of gourmands. more...


Zielona Weranda Restaurant

ul. Ignacego Paderewskiego 7

Upon entry, Zielona Weranda (“the green porch”) welcomes you with its greenness and unusual decorations. Its summer garden - one of the most beautiful in Poznań - is an island of green and peace in the heart of the city. Fresh salads, grilled meats, exquisite desserts and real home-made cakes and pies will charm and delight many a sybarite. more...

Bordo Cafe Restaurant

ul. Żydowska 28

Bordo’s mouthwatering breakfast offer will be the perfect start to anyone’s day. Excellent Mediterranean cuisine is a true culinary trip to the heart of Italy. In Bordo’s charming summer garden, in the midst of its Tuscan atmosphere, you will feel relaxed and well-rested. more...


Weranda Cafe

ul. Świętosławska 10

Alongside the delicious home-made cakes, pies and desserts, Weranda Cafe serves a unique atmosphere and a moment of peace in its quiet summer garden in the city center. The cafe’s decor charms with its attention to detail that creates a warm and homey feeling. more...


Ptasiek Cafe

ul. Żydowska 10

Ptasiek (“Birdy”) is a gourmand’s paradise. There is something here for everyone: desserts, chocolates, milkshakes, salads or tortillas. Each morning, the smell and taste of freshly baked cakes or pies attract those with a sweet tooth. more...


Gołębnik Cafe

ul. Wielka 21/Woźna 9

The cafe offers not only delicious baked goods, but also a cosy atmosphere. Gołębnik’s cafeteria-style Bar Szybkiej Obsługi (“snack bar”) offers breakfasts, lunches, crepes, tortillas, salads and soups. A friendly feeling and charming interiors create the ideal circumstances for rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. more...

Czekolada Cafe

ul. Żydowska 29

Here you will relax and forget about your troubles over a cup of mouthwatering chocolate. In Czekolada Cafe you can taste hot, dense chocolate with cinnamon or vanilla sauce. Their alcohol infused chocolates are also very tempting, as are intriguing chocolate-based cocktails. The regulars appreciate the taste of the one-of-a-kind parsley lemonade. more...


If you wish to unwind, need to rest and relax, Poznań’s many city SPAs are guaranteed to make you feel better. Their offer is filled with pleasures which we so rarely have the time to indulge in. The best part of it is that it won’t take you the whole day - an hour or two after work is more than enough. Drop by and try out the SPA’s rich offer. It is a moment of relaxation and pleasure just for you.



 os. Batorego 80A lok.L1, Dolna Wilda 87, Ułańska 21 lok.4U

Regeneracja Miejskie Spa is an exceptional place, where time stands still. It is not easy to describe the atmosphere of REGENERACJA with words - it must be experienced. In a world filled with fragrant oils, remarkable rituals and massages you can experience true regeneration. An intimate feeling, extraordinary staff and individually selected offer transfer you each and every time to another world - the world of a city SPA. more...

Harmonia SPA -  Hotel IBB Andersia  

pl. Andersa 3

Harmonia SPA is a place where the word “care” is taken very seriously. A healthy, well-maintained body and a mind at ease are the bases of well-being. Harmonia SPA offers unlimited access to the Wellness & Pool area, relaxation in a hot tub, a visit to saunas and steam rooms, or simply rest on the comfortable beach chairs. more...

SPA 1306 - Termy Maltańskie

ul. Termalna 1

Away from the noise of the city, SPA 1306 provides ease of the body and soul. 17 professionally equipped parlours are ready to cater to the needs of the most demanding customers. Numerous rituals, massages and baths, based on state-of-the-art technologies and top-quality products provide relaxation and take care of your natural beauty. It is a place where you can escape the dailiness. more...

DAY SPA SPA_larniakcal w Puszczykowie

ul. Czarnieckiego 56, Puszczykowo

All cosmetic treatments and massages on the rich offer of DAY SPA SPA_larniakcal guarantee a feeling of luxury and relaxation from first touch. The insides of SPA_larniakcal, despite the intended architectural austerity and rawness, invite you to take in the peace within them, enjoying the comfort and exceptional quality of services. more...


If you would like to know another “slow” face of Poznań, live healthy and eat the healthiest produce available in many places in Poznań. The food on offer is natural, unprocessed and eco-friendly whenever possible.

Zielony Targ

pl. Bernardyński

Be sure to visit Plac Bernardyński on a Saturday morning. It is here that Zielony Targ (the green market) takes place - a real eco produce marketplace with regional, traditional and healthy food. A selection of fresh vegetables and eco fruit can be found here, as well as tasty cheeses, real butter, milk, yogurts and many other delicacies.

Zielona Spiżarnia

ul. Szamotulska 29, Baranowo by Poznań, ul. Półwiejska 42, Stary Browar (Courtyard)

The Zielona Spiżarna Deli offers fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, cold cuts, fish, bread and various preserves. Most of them come from local tillages in the Wielkopolska region, with eco certificates, and are produced on the basis of traditional recipes.

Orkiszowe Pola

ul. Strzeszyńska 63

Orkiszowe Pola (“Spelt Fields”) is a place where you can find information on health and how to be healthy through improving your diet in a smart way. It is a place for the healthy who wish to remain so, and for those with any illnesses or chronic health problems who wish to truly renew their bodies and return to health.



Poznań is often described as a compact city. The proximity of tourist spots and green areas allow (of course, in the spirit of slow life) to get anywhere on foot or by bike. Bikes are a healthy alternative in moving around the city. Slow down - get on a bike, stop for a cup of coffee, sit on a park bench and most of all - relax.


Poznań City Bike

The Poznań City Bike (Nextbike) maintenance-free rental system is available 24/7, from early spring to late autumn in Poznań’s most popular spots. All it takes is a one-time online registration to be able to use the bikes. Go to http://www.nextbike.pl/ and sign up to the system – enter your details, accept the rules and regulations, and pay the initial fee. After receiving confirmation on the e-mail address you provided on registration, you can start using all the available bicycles in the nextbike system.

ZTM Bike Rental

Bus Station at Jana III Sobieskiego

At ZTM Bike Rental, bikes can be rented at one of seven stations in Poznań center. After an initial payment of 10PLN, the bikes can be used free of charge for the first 20 minutes. After that, the first hour costs 2PLN, each following hour is a cost of another 4PLN. The bike rental stations are located in Teatralny Bridge, 26 Grudnia, Małe Garbary, Półwiejska, PKP Main Station, Rondo Rataje and Rondo Śródka.


ul. Abpa A. Baraniaka 8 („Malta” Shopping Center)

Here anyone can find the perfect bike. Comfy city bikes, ideal for a ride around Maltańskie Lake, as well as seats and trailers for kids can be rented at MaltaBike. The rental operates in season from April till September. more...



Text: Marta Stawińska

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