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Climate and weather

Poznan lies in the temperate zone characterized by significant temperature variations. Winters are generally wet with temperatures falling below zero, while summers tend to be warm.

Weather in Poznań

The hottest months are July and August (when temperatures exceed 20C/ 68 F). January and February, on the other hand, are the coldest months with subzero temperatures (below 0C/ 32F).



Poznań is in the moderate climate zone. It is a transition area from sea to continental climate. The average annual rainfall for Poznań is a mere 507mm, which is 30% less than the whole country’s average. The heaviest rainfall appears in the summer months (July with around 76mm, and August with about 60mm).


Contrary to general belief, the snowfall during winter is quite limited. In January and February the average snowfall is a mere 22-29mm, which is 22mm in February alone. The snow cover in Poznań remains for around 50 days a year. The weather is quite unpredictable and it is definitely difficult to clearly characterize the atmospheric conditions in and around the city.

Air temperature

Average annual temperature in Poznań is 8.5°C. The warmest month is July with 18.2°C. Average temperature for June is 16.4°C, and for August it is 17.8°C.


Some practical tips
In the winter it is good to remember to pack a good warm pair of boots which can handle the city slob, icing and the salt used to de-ice the streets here. A pair of gloves and a warm hat will come in handy even on your way to a taxi or a city bus. The frost can really bite here.
In the summer, an umbrella and a  windproof raincoat will be your best friends. While the Polish summer is rather warm and friendly, it does have a tendency to surprise with a rain shower or quite brisk breezes.

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