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What was 2022 like for Poznań tourism?

- Hotel occupancy rates in Poznań have returned to levels similar to 2019. - reported the Poznań Local Tourist Organisation (PLOT). Domestic tourists were joined by foreign tourists, primarily from Germany, the USA and the UK.

PLOT presented data for 2022 from the Poznań Tourism Barometer, a tool for the ongoing monitoring of tourism phenomena in the Poznań agglomeration. The barometer also provides data from other providers, such as the Central Statistical Office (CSO), STR (a company that monitors room occupancy rates in hotels worldwide) and Selectivv (a company that analyses tourist behaviour based on data from advertising networks and mobile phones). 
In 2022, 1.37 million overnight stays were provided in Poznan hotels, an increase of 57.5 per cent compared to 2021 (CSO data). The average annual occupancy rate of hotels according to STR reached 60.4% (against 39.30% in 2021). Thus, it is basically back to the level in 2019, when it was 60.8%.
- Behind the good performance of Poznan's hotels are mainly domestic tourists, who have been coming to our city in increasing numbers since the pandemic. Particularly on weekends and holidays, which until recently were the low season in Poznań due to the trade fair," says Jan Mazurczak, CEO of PLOT.  - Foreign tourists have also returned, although here there has been a reshuffle. We have fewer organised groups and tourists from southern European countries. On the other hand, there are more Germans, Americans and British, who make up the top three of those staying in hotels. It is worth mentioning that the traffic from the USA is also linked to the presence of the US Army V Corps in Poznań.

The most popular museums and exhibitions in Poznań in 2022 are the National Museum (96,000 visitors), the Gate of Poznań (73,000) and the Museum of Applied Arts in the Royal Castle (71,000). On the other hand, in the Poznań poviat, the Kórnik Castle (65 thousand), the Rogalin Palace (59 thousand) and the Skansen Miniatur in Pobiedziska (14 thousand) lead the way.

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