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Nineteenth-century Poznań

The "Nineteenth-century Poznań" audio guide will take you through those monuments and elements of the city which were created under the Prussian partition, i.e. between the 19th Century and the outbreak of World War I. During this period, the Germans, wishing to impose their national character on the city, undertook a number of projects to make Poznań a German-friendly place. Facilities established by them included libraries, museums, and theatres; the early 20th Century saw the erection of the monumental Castle District.

We start the tour at Wolności Square, near the Raczyński Library, and finish it in front of the former Emperor's Castle.


Duration of the tour - about 1 hour.


The most interesting attraction and places marked by numbers in the audio guide:

  1. Raczyński Library
  2. National Museum
  3. Bazar Hotel
  4. Arkadia building
  5. University Library
  6. Polish Theatre
  7. Collegium Maius
  8. Great Theatre
  9. Collegium Minus
  10. Imperial Castle


Download the "Nineteenth-century Poznań" audio guide and the map:

"Nineteenth-century Poznań" - part 1

"Nineteenth-century Poznań" - part 2

Map - "Nineteenth-century Poznań"

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