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Lake Strzeszyńskie

The lake is a natural water reservoir and the cleanest of all larger bodies of water near Poznań. It is located amidst forests north-west of the city (around 10km from the city centre). 

The lake covers an area of 34.9 hectares and reaches a depth of 17.8 metres. Surrounded by deciduous forests and pine woods, it is a popular recreational spot. The typical vendace fishing venue is operated by the Polish Angling Association but the lake also contains carp, eel, carp bream, tench, pike, silver bream, bleak, roach, perch, common whitefish, crucian and gudgeon.


In summer the lake is a very attractive recreational spot with a bathing beach, a motel and a restaurant. There are also summer cottages for rent and a camping site for around 150 tourists. 

Lake Strzeszyńskie
ul. Koszalińska 15
60-480 Poznań

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