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Lake Kierskie

Not only for Poznanians does Lake Kierskie epitomise an ideal spot for water sports and recreation in the open air. Located in the reception basin of the Samica River, it is a typical ribbon lake, 4800 metres long and 2100 metres wide, stretching from Krzyżowniki to Kiekrz. The lake covers an area of 285 hectares and reaches a depth of 37.6 metres.

It is regularly stocked by the Polish Angling Association and is open to anglers throughout the year. And they come in great numbers, first of all to hunt vendace, though the lake is also rewarding for eel, zander, pike, perch, white amur, carp and carp bream.Both boat and shore fishing is allowed.


Lake Kierskie is particularly popular with yachtsmen. The Wielkopolska Yacht Club was established in Kiekrz in 1933 and several other yachting clubs have their marinas along the banks. Sailors from Kiekrz have participated in the Olympic Games and other major yachting events and have several achievements under their belt. In winter you can meet iceboat and iceboard sailors and glider pilots equipped with skates or skis.


The 12-kilometre shoreline provides wonderful recreational opportunities for bicycling and walking.

There are two life guarded bathing beaches in Krzyżowniki and Kiekrz and many recreational and training centres. 

Lake Kierskie
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