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Cybina Valley Pathway

The walking and cycling pathway in Cybina Valley runs through areas protected as part of the Natura 2000 program. It was designed especially to allow the tourists to see the most interesting and most beautiful parts of the valley, and at the same time for their presence to disrupt the nature in the least possible way.


In its initial part, the pathway runs along Swarzędzkie Lake, and later along the slope of the valley, a few meters below its bottom, only to climb to the hillside above the valley.
A large part of the path goes through open spaces, ensuring glorious views. Apart from walks and cycling trips, you can also enjoy fishing, horse-riding and nordic walking.
Thanks to the information boards, located along the pathway, you can find out many interesting facts about nature protection and ecology. After your walk you will have learnt about xerothermic grasslands, reed rushes, or the Ribeso nigri-Alnetum forest, considered endangered in the Wielkopolska region.

Cybina Valley Pathway
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