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Mosina Trolleys to Osowa Góra

Our offer is suited for people who value outdoor exercise and seek an unusual adventure without a necessity of going to very remote places and arranging a big amount of money.  

Bicycle trolleys will transport anyone from Puszczykówko to Osowa Góra  and fro. Everybody who makes use of this proposal will have a chance to see the beautiful places, which The National Park of Wielkopolska – placed 15km to the south of Poznań – is very rich in. Preserved and undamaged by the man forms of the natural environment are advantages of this micro region.
The tour via our trolleys is a great way to rest actively, commune with nature away from turmoil of a big city and pollution.

Mosina Trolleys to Osowa Góra
Kołłątaja / Budzyńska 1
62-050 Mosina


tel. +48 512 227 912

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Ticket prices
normal ticket: 8zł
reduced ticket: 5zł

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