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Archaeological Reserve The Piast Dynasty Stronghold Giecz

The stronghold in Giecz has its beginnings in the 9th century. It was a place of tremendous value for the Piasts – it was there that the ancestral home of the dynasty might have been located. Today in Grodziszczko the relics of uncommon Romanesque architecture can be found, alongside 18th – century church of St John the Baptist. 


On permanent exhibition in Giecz there are findings from many years of archaeological research (eg. an extraordinary bronze molded stylus, a silver bracelet with snake heads, or a gilded brass helmet, found back in the 19th century). You can also have a great time in the inviting educational settlement during numerous events for guests of all ages. The mysterious dike brings you to Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Nicolas church – the Romanesque architectural jewel of the region. The result of excavations in that area is i.a. the greatest Polish collection of coins displayed in a church.

Archaeological Reserve The Piast Dynasty Stronghold Giecz
Giecz 1
63-012 Dominowo


tel. +48 61 285 92 22

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